Quotes About Choice In Life

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Quotes About Choice In Life

If you play games with the law of non-contradiction, then every time you open your mouth and say anything, youre cheating. Every time you make a choice in life youre cheating.
— Ronald H. Nash —

There's always a third choice in life. Even if you think you're stuck between two impossible choices, there's always a third way. You just have to look for it.

— Marcus Sedgwick

You have a choice. A life of lonely regret or happiness with some pain along the way.
You choose.

— Melissa Nathan

You have taken part in the only really majestic choice we get to make in life, which is to continue it.

— Adam Gopnik

Freedom of choice is possible. Life is going to unfold however it does: pleasant or unpleasant, disappointing or thrilling, expected or unexpected, all of the above! What a relief it would be to know that whatever wave comes along, we can ride it out with grace [p. 35].

— Sylvia Boorstein

In everyday life, we're given a choice. Do the right thing, do nothing, or do the wrong thing. All too often, people choose to do nothing. And that's all right. It's easier. Sometimes it's difficult to know what's right and what's wrong. But every so often, a few people choose to go out of their way to do the right thing

— Meg Cabot

Pain from problems and disappointments, etc., is inevitable in life, but suffering is a choice determined by whether you choose to compare your experience and pain to something better and therefore feel unlucky and bitter or to something worse and therefore feel lucky and grateful!

— Viktor E. Frankl

Joy is the settled assurance that God is in control of all the details of my life, the quiet confidence that ultimately everything is going to be all right, and the determined choice to praise God in all things.

— Kay Warren

The time comes in the life of any nation when there remain only two choices - submit or fight. That time has now come to South Africa. We shall not submit and we have no choice but to hit back by all means in our power in defence of our people, our future, and our freedom

— Nelson Mandela

There are two paths people can take. They can either play now and pay later, or pay now and play later. Regardless of the choice, one thing is certain. Life will demand a payment.

— John C. Maxwell

If I had my choice in life I would have had the gifts of Tennessee Williams or Eugene O'Neill. Unfortunately my gifts lie in comedy and so comedy comes fairly easy to me and I occasionally have an idea for a very serious piece and I do it, but the ideas don't come that readily to me.

— Woody Allen

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