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Quotes About Childbirth

It is somehow reassuring to discover that the word travel is derived from travail, denoting the pains of childbirth.
— Jessica Mitford —

Death, taxes and childbirth! There's never any convenient time for any of them.

— Margaret Mitchell

What war did for him (hasten disillusionment with communism), childbirth did for me. I began to notice what neglected, neurotic waifs the children of Communists were and to question the genuineness of the love of mankind that didn't begin at home.

— Joy Davidman

When Dr. James Young Simpson sought to apply anesthesia to a woman in childbirth, the clergymen of his day foamed at the mouth and spat upon him with vituperation and abuse, for attempting to violate God's direct command that 'in pain thou shalt bring forth children,' as based upon the idiotic text of the Bible. But Dr. Simpson persisted despite the ravings of the religious lunatics of his day.
The importance of Dr. Simpson's application of anesthesia to the relief of pain in childbirth, and his open defiance of the religionists, are beyond the measure of words to evaluate.

— Joseph Lewis

When one begins, as I did, to analyze men after a fairly long experience of analyzing women, one receives a most surprising impression of the intensity of this envy of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood, as well as of breasts and of the act of suckling.

— Karen Horney

On the one hand, we'll never experience childbirth. On the other hand, we can open all our own jars.

— Bruce Willis

I asked people who have already finished books for advice, which is akin to asking a mother with a four-year-old what childbirth is like.

— Amy Poehler

20  She said: How can I have a son and no mortal has yet touched me, nor have I been unchaste? 21  He said: So (it will be). Thy Lord says: It is easy to Me; and that We may make him a sign to men and a mercy from Us.a And it is a matter decreed.b 21a. Jesus was a sign to men, in the sense that he was made a prophet, and every prophet is a sign, because the Divine revelation which is granted to him affords a clear proof of the existence of the Divine Being. Or, he was a sign to the Israelites in particular, because with him prophethood came to an end among the Israelites. 21b. She conceived him in the ordinary way in which women conceive children; see 3:44a. 22  Then she conceived him; and withdrew with him to a remote place. 23  And the throes of childbirth drove her to the trunk of a palm-tree.a She said: Oh, would that I had died before this, and had been a thing quite forgotten!b 23a. This shows that Mary gave birth to Jesus while on a journey;

— Anonymous.

And even after supposedly happy endings ... well, we don't know for sure what happens after the final credits. Elizabeth probably dies in childbirth while Darcy sits stoically outside the bedroom door. Nurse Hathaway might get bored of Doug Ross and his cable-knit sweaters and run off to a tropical island. Even Bella might discover that Edward always hogs the remote and has an annoying laugh and decide to call it quits-no hard feelings.

— Abby McDonald

Men die in battle; women die in childbirth.

— Philippa Gregory

No other natural bodily function is painful and childbirth should not be an exception

— Grantly Dick-Read

So many words commonly used to describe childbirth-support, patient, management, delivered by, coached, helped, guided-suggest that a woman does not have the power to give birth without being dependent on somebody else. This isn't the case at all.

— Michel Odent

In the way that women forget the pain of childbirth, men forget that they cry in movies.

— Nora Ephron

Men should spend less time with guns and more time in childbirth.

— Lisa Gardner

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