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Quotes About Chevy

Out past the cornfields where the woods got heavy, out in the back seat of my 60 Chevy. Workin on mysteries without any clues, workin on our night moves.
— Bob Seger —

First crush, first kiss, first time I saw the ocean
And dug my toes in the sand
Baseball and summer nights, casting out when the fish first bite,
First time I got a Chevy in my hands
I thought nothing can touch that by a mile
I thought nothing can make that moment seem so worthwhile

— Scotty McCreery

Where's your sister? Chevy asks like he doesn't care about the answer, but unfortunately, he does.

— Katie McGarry

It's always a low when life beings to imitate an old Chevy Chase movie.

— David Levithan

My very first role was with James Earl Jones on 'Gabriel's Fire' on TV. He drove a Chevy Citation, which is the exact same car that I bought from a guy in San Francisco called Sandy Boone. I showed up on set, and James Earl Jones was driving the car I had bought from Sandy for $250.

— Leland Orser

Chevy Chase and Bill Murray - we thought those guys were funny. We love Bill Murray, but we didn't think they were right for Airplane! because it would step on the joke if there was a known comedian.

— David Zucker

He drove into the spewing smoke of acres of burning truck tires and the planes descended and the transit cranes stood in rows at the marine terminal and he saw billboards for Hertz and Avis and Chevy Blazer, for Marlboro, Continental and Goodyear, and he realized that all the things around him, the planes taking off and landing, the streaking cars, the tires on the cars, the cigarettes that the drivers of the cars were dousing in their ashtrays
all these were on the billboards around him, systematically linked in some self-referring relationship that had a kind of neurotic tightness, an inescapability, as if the billboards were generating reality ...

— Don DeLillo

My grandfather can barely even hear, and Chevy Chase makes a face, and he laughs.

— Gillian Jacobs

I could see my mother's beater Chevy way down below in the parking lot and I pushed the green button on her automatic starter to see how far away I could be from something to make it come to life. Nothing happened, no lights came on.

— Miriam Toews

I don't know how (producer) Dan Harmon put that together but he did. Everyone gets along and we all babysit Chevy Chase (laughs) and it all works out. Plus we are given a lot of freedom to riff off each other and compliment each other's comedic style. The group is so talented, whether it be Donald Glover or Allison Brie and now Jim Rash who plays the Dean is finally a full member of the cast - oh my gosh, he is so funny. I call him Rumplestiltskin; he can spin comedy out of anything. I am in such a blessed situation - if only more people would watch it.

— Joel McHale

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