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Quotes About Cheek Kiss

I wished the kiss could have gone on forever. Breaking the embrace, he ran a few fingers through my hair and down my cheek. He stepped back toward the door. "Ill see you later, Roza" "At our next practice?" I asked. "We are starting those up again, right? I mean, you still have things to teach me." "Yes. Lots of things.
— Richelle Mead —

Since when?" she challenged.
"Since when has my heart been with you?" She nodded. He stepped closer and framed her face in his large hands. "Quite possibly from the first time I heard you snort." He placed a kiss on the tip of her nose. "Very probably when you flirted with our waiter." A warm kiss on the freckle by her eye. "Almost certainly the first time you fell asleep in my arms." A small kiss on the opposite cheek. "And most definitely the night we made love." Finally, a tender kiss on the lips.

— Gina L. Maxwell

I wind my fingers in his hair. It's thicker than mine, and curlier, and it shines golden in the firelight. There's a mole on his cheek that I've wanted to kiss since I was 12. I do.

— Rainbow Rowell

Grinning at me, Kellan leaned down to kiss my cheek. "Thanks," he muttered in my ear as he stole my beer from my fingers.
I glared at him as I watched him tip it back. "Just so you know, I totally backwashed."
Kellan paused mid-gulp, then shrugged. Smiling wide once he was finished, he husked, "That's all right ... I like your fluids.

— S.C. Stephens

She opened her eyes. "Is this real?"
"Very real." I brushed the soaked strands off her cheek, wondering if I was lying or not and if I should care if I was. "Angel, let me kiss you.

— Jennifer L. Armentrout

He flashed his wicked grin and lowered his voice. "Mrs. Frost always runs late. I could kiss you now and give the crowd what they're looking for."
That would be an awesome way to start class. I licked my lips and whispered, "You are going to get me in so much trouble."
"Damn straight." Noah caressed my cheek before heading to his seat in the back.
I settled in my seat and spent the entire hour trying to keep my mind focused on calculus and not on kissing Noah Hutchins.

— Katie McGarry

It was a chaste kiss, but as her lips brushed his warm cheek, her eyes met his. They were deep and dark, warm with passion and longing. And somehow she knew, without question, what he thought. What he felt.
Time held its breath - and in that moment, looking into Buchan's warm, tormented gaze, Tatiana's heart awoke.

— Karen Hawkins

After one moment of gripped immobility, the queen bent to kiss the king lightly on one closed eyelid, then on the other. She said, 'I love your eyes.' She kissed him on either cheek, near the small lobe of his ear. 'I love your ears, and I love'-she paused as she kissed him gently on the lips-'every single one of your ridiculous lies.' The king opened his eyes and smiled at the queen in a companionship that was as unassailable as it was unfathomable.

— Megan Whalen Turner

She drew herself up and took in a breath, concentrating on her inflection so that she could indulge him in his game. Then she leaned forward and, in her best, most sincerely love-struck voice, breathed, "I love thee."
Sonny's face was just inches from hers. His storm-gray eyes flashed, and the dark silk of his hair drifted across his cheek as he leaned in his head. "Perfect."
So was the kiss.
"I love thee," Sonny murmured, all pretense gone.

— Lesley Livingston

He leaned close, rubbing his bearded cheek against my ear. 'And how about a sweet kiss, now, for the brave lads of the clan MacKenzie? Tulach Ard!'
Erin go bragh,' I said rudely, and pushed with all my strength.

— Diana Gabaldon

Who has not watched a mother stroke her child's cheek or kiss her child in a certain way and felt a nervous shudder at the possessive outrage done to a free solitary human soul?

— John Cowper Powys

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