Quotes About Checkmate

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Quotes About Checkmate

Seize the outpost K5 with your knight, and you can go to sleep. Checkmate will come by itself.
— Savielly Tartakower —

I coax my palm into his lapel in search of my wish, returning his feverish kisses.
"Checkmate, you son of a bug," I say against his mouth two seconds before my fingers find an empty pocket.
"Sleight of hand, blossom," he says right back. " 'Tis in fact in my pants pocket, if you'd like to search there.

— A.G. Howard

If I allow the fact that I am a Negro to checkmate my will to do, now, I will inevitably form the habit of being defeated.

— Paul Williams

When neither party can give checkmate, the game is drawn.

— Howard Staunton

I'll listen to you, but you need to treat me with a little respect. Because it doesn't sound like I'm a pawn. Sounds like I'm more of a queen." A vein in his temple began to throb, and she grew bolder, the sense of power emanating from the mark on her chest filing her with the mettle she'd lost after the break-in two years ago. Lowering her voice to a tense whisper, she nipped his earlobe. "Checkmate.

— Larissa Ione

In mathematics, if I find a new approach to a problem, another mathematician might claim that he has a better, more elegant solution. In chess, if anybody claims he is better than I, I can checkmate him.

— Emanuel Lasker

Modern Chess is too much concerned with things like Pawn structure. Forget it, Checkmate ends the game

— Nigel Short

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