Quotes About Charity And Justice

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Quotes About Charity And Justice

What I love about the ministry of Jesus is that he identified the poor as blessed and the rich as needy ... and then he went and ministered to them both. This, I think, is the difference between charity and justice. Justice means moving beyond the dichotomy between those who need and those who supply and confronting the frightening and beautiful reality that we desperately need one another.
— Rachel Held Evans —

A society with more justice needs less charity.

— Ralph Nader

It is true, as we are often reminded, that kindness to animals is among the humbler duties of human charity
though for just that reason among the more easily neglected. And it is true that there will always be enough injustice and human suffering in the world to make the wrongs done to animals seem small and secondary. The answer is that justice is not a finite commodity, nor are kindness and love. Where we find wrongs done to animals, it is no excuse to say that more important wrongs are done to human beings, and let us concentrate on those. A wrong is a wrong, and often the little ones, when they are shrugged off as nothing, spread and do the gravest harm to ourselves and others.

— Matthew Scully

The word 'religion' has acquired a very bad name among those who really love truth, justice, charity. It also exhales the musty odor of sanctimony and falsehood.

— Luther Burbank

Without the fear of God, men do not even observe justice and charity among themselves.

— John Calvin

The only genuine elite is the elite of those men and women who gave their lives to justice and charity.

— Sargent Shriver

It is justice, not charity, that is wanting in the world.

— Mary Wollstonecraft

Northern white people love the Negro in a sort of abstract way, as a race; through a sense of justice, charity, and philanthropy, they will liberally assist in his elevation.

— James Weldon Johnson

Charity begins at home, and justice begins next door.

— Charles Dickens

Charity is the drowning of justice in the craphole of mercy.

— Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi

Arbitration is justice blended with charity.

— Nachman Of Breslov

Charity should be abolished; and be replaced by justice.

— Norman Bethune

The fact that people are poor or discriminated against doesn't necessarily endow them with any special qualities of justice, nobility, charity or compassion.

— Saul Alinsky

There is no act of charity that is not accompanied by justice or that permits us to do more than we reasonably can.

— Vincent De Paul

Justice comes before charity.

— Pope John XXIII

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