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Quotes About Charades

They spoke from a distant past when everyone read books and most people had hobbies, made things, played cards and chess, dressed up and played charades, sewed and painted and wrote letters and sent postcards.
— Ruth Rendell —

This isn't a fucking game anymore. No charades here. I don't know exactly what to call it, but whatever it is, it's ours. I'm going to latch onto it. And never let go.

— Nyrae Dawn

Are you going to deliver whatever threat Avari sent you with, or are we going to have to start guessing?" Tod said. "I gotta warn you, I'm insanely good at charades.

— Rachel Vincent

This ceremony of approval was a charade - everything had been decided before we got here - and as with all charades it was wanly ebullient, necessary, and thin.

— Lorrie Moore

From Charades: when she was younger she was a frustrated mother, so she is pleased when her children act as is they don't remember

— Lorrie Moore

Because my patient just sat herself up
and I'm not talking about her raising her torso off the damn pillows. I wasn't there when she did it and I need to see how it happened."
Red Sox seemed to stop breathing. "What ... I'm sorry. What the fuck are you saying."
"Do I need to reenact it in charades or some shit?"
"I'll pass on that
I so don't need you on your knees in front of me with only a towel on."
"Which makes two of us."
"Wait, are you serious?"
"Yeah. I'm really not interested in blowing you, either.

— J.R. Ward

Dreams can be like charades in which we act out words rather than see or speak them.

— Jane Roberts

It's almost a joke how good I am at charades. Not to pat my own back, but I'm literally - I'm kind of unstoppable.

— Wilson Bethel

Henry turned as if to dart out of the room, then swung around and stared at them, a look of confusion passing over his freckled face, as if he had only now had cause to wonder why Will, Tessa, and Jem might be crouching together in a mostly disused storage room. "What are you three doing in here, anyway?"
Will tilted his head to the side and smiled at Henry. "Charades," he said. "Massive game.

— Cassandra Clare

Oh, I don't know. I prefer to think that when they're at home, the Silent Brothers are much like us. Playing practical jokes in the Silent City, making toasted cheese-"
"I hope they play charades," said Tessa Dryly. "It would seem to take advantage of their natural talents.

— Cassandra Clare

Asking art to express ideas is like asking a Sumo wrestler to play charades.

— Walter Darby Bannard

My girlfriend and I went to a dinner party the other night and we ended up playing charades. There was another couple there that was deaf. They were so good.

— Zach Galifianakis

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