Quotes About Change And Letting Go

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Quotes About Change And Letting Go

I live every day full of gratitude for the body in which I live, treating it with great love and respect. It allows me to enjoy life, experiencing everything that I perceive, exploring the events that hook my attention, modifying what I can change, and letting go of whatever I cannot.
— Miguel Angel Ruiz —

There was some sadness in how that could happen, Tai thought: falling out of love with something that had shaped you. Or even people who had? But if you didn't change at least a little, where were the passages of a life? Didn't learning, changing, sometimes mean letting go of what had once been seen as true?

— Guy Gavriel Kay

Another great example of the power of vulnerability
this time in a corporation
is the leadership approach taken by Lululemon's CEO, Christine Day. In a video interview with CNN Money, Day explained that she was once a very bright, smart executive who "majored in being right." Her transformation came when she realized that getting people to engage and take ownership wasn't about "the teling" but about letting them come into the idea in a purpose-led way, and that her job was creating the space for others to perform. She chracterized this change as the shift from "having the best idea or problem solving" to "being the best leader of people.

— Brené Brown

Lend leaned forward and smashed his lips against my forehead, and I closed my eyes, letting myself rest against him. We'd fought so hard to stay here together, and now we'd have to give it up.
It sucked. It gave new meaning to the word suck, really. They'd have to change the definition after this ultimate suck to beat all suck.

— Kiersten White

Everything we feel and do is somehow oriented "lifeward," and the least deviation away from this direction toward something beyond is difficult or alarming. This is true even of the simple act of walking: one lifts one's center of gravity, pushes it forward, and lets it drop again - and the slightest change, the merest hint of shrinking from this letting-oneself-drop-into-the-future, or even stopping to wonder at it - and one can no longer stand upright!

— Robert Musil

The little box that was given to me was by no means unique. I'd heard of prayer boxes, and I knew what they were for.
... Any scrap of paper will do, anywhere, anytime of the day or night. The important part, in a world of fractured thoughts, hurried moments, and scattershot prayers, is to take the time to think through, to write down, to clarify in your own mind the things you're asking for, the things you're grateful for, the things your're troubled about, the hopes you've been nurturing.
And then?
Put them in the box and ...
Let. Them. Go.
That's what trust is. It's letting go of the worry. It's the way of peace and also the way of God. such a hard road to travel for people like me, who are worriers. When I'm writing a story, I control the whole universe. In life ... not so much. Actually, not at all. Things happen that I hadn't anticipated and wouldn't choose and can't change. That's the tough part.

— Lisa Wingate

We can all make powerful choices. We can all take back control by not blaming chance, fate, or anyone else for our outcomes. It's within our ability to cause everything to change. Rather than letting past hurtful experiences sap our energy and sabotage our success, we can use them to fuel positive, constructive change.

— Darren Hardy

It's the ability to bring events and characters to a resolution that draws me to writing, especially writing for children. I don't want to ever be didactic, but if there's something I do want to say, it's that you can bring things around. You can make a change. Adult novels are about letting go. Children's novels are about getting a grip.

— Tim Wynne-Jones

There is wisdom in not letting anyone really know who you are or what you are like. If you define yourself, people hold you in their mind a certain way making it difficult to change.

— Frederick Lenz

Not judging is another way of letting go of fear and experiencing Love. When we learn not to judge others - and totally accept them, and not want to change them - we can simultaneously learn to accept ourselves.

— Gerald Jampolsky

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