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I was just asking Chad [Myers], how can you get a volcano in Iceland? Isnt it too- when you think of a volcano, you think of Hawaii and long words like that. You dont think of Iceland.You think its too cold to have a volcano there.
— Rick Sanchez —

Did you know that Darfur was a great country long ago, so great that it was both in Sudan and also in Chad? Did you know that the French who controlled Chad, and the British, who later controlled Sudan, drew a line putting half of Darfur in each new nation? Did you know that? What do you care about this line if you are darfur men? What business is it of yours if the British and the French drew lines on maps? What does it have to do with the fact that we are brothers? The boys were moved by this ...

— Daoud Hari

Chad has oil wells, so there are a few grand hotels for rich, who come to quickly take the money away before it ruins the charm of our mud and straw cities.

— Daoud Hari

As if he could read her mind, Chad chose that very moment to look up from his What to Expect book.
"Says here some women get really horny when they're pregnant," he said, waggling his eyebrows with a shit-eating grin.
"It does not!" Jennie said, feeling two hot spots form on her cheeks.
How does he know?
"Does too. They don't phrase it that way, but that's essentially it. Anything you need help with, Jennie? Any cravings I can take care of for you?" Chad laughed as he leaned in suggestively.

— Lori Ryan

I thought about how the past can become so small. An entire day, 24 separate, heavy hours, becomes the size of a tiny brown leaf falling from a tree. Before you know it, a whole year is just a pile of dead leaves on the ground. The year or so I'd spent in love with Chad was starting to feel so long ago, swept away by the wind. I knew that this year would soon feel far away too.

— Kimberly Novosel

Chad seemed both venomous and insecure, a flammable combination.

— Pat Conroy

I am a big fan of Chad Johnson. I think that I would compare myself to him as well.

— Jacoby Jones

I waved to him, and he waved back. I tried not to think about how Chad couldn't see me doing that now. Helen Keller said that when you lose one sense, another one grows stronger. But by the time Chad learned how to hear me waving, it would be too late.

— Jennifer Gooch Hummer

It's different for every song. But for 'Say Something,' I think it was Chad who had an idea on guitar, and I had an idea on piano for different songs, and we just married them together. We bounce things off each other constantly and kind of massage all these ideas into a three and a half minute pop song.

— Ian Axel

I feel that when Chad is in the room, I can tap into this other thing where music comes from. I don't know. It's just this really magical, special connection and relationship.

— Ian Axel

Everyone has a little bit of Howard and Chad in them. I think there's Christine in all men as well.

— Neil LaBute

We are also assisting the refugees who have fled across the border to Chad. As many of them have been subject to attacks by militia crossing from Sudan, UNHCR is mounting a major logistical operation to establish camps and transfer refugees away from the border zone.

— Jan Egeland

Guys named Chad probably only swam when playing water polo.

— Jill Shalvis

In the years after the expedition to Chad, I started the Honnold Foundation, a small nonprofit that was my attempt to do something positive in the world. I sought out projects that both helped the environment and improved peoples' standards of living. The more I researched, the more I gravitated toward solar.

— Alex Honnold

I wanna kiss you. I couldn't care less about the team struggling. What we know is we can improve. Chad Pennington, our quarterback, missed the first part of the season, and we struggled. We're looking to next season. We're looking to make a noise now, and I wanna kiss you!

— Joe Namath

When I'm Chad from Nickelback, then I have to wear one hat and I have to wear various others when I'm Chad Kroeger who is co-owner of 604 Records or someone who's working on an independent project. At that point I want to know where the record is getting licensed, as well as absolutely every aspect of how we're going to deliver a song to the public and how we'll all get paid for doing so.

— Chad Kroeger

Where the hell is Chad?

— Richard M. Nixon

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