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Quotes About Bossy

In the event of some sort of gathering, if one of the bossy, over bearing, possessive, fur balls has not flipped his switch and attacked some poor young pup in some misguided attempt to protect his womans virtue, then the night is not yet over.
— Quinn Loftis —

Bossy means "given to ordering people around, highhanded, domineering, overly authoritative, dictatorial, abrasive." ... Could it be that girls are called bossy when they're ... well, bossy? Could it be that boys are also called bossy for the same reason?

— Matt Walsh

"You do get this kind of bossy, don't-fuck-with-my-tiara attitude when you're pissed.

— K.A. Mitchell

He was secretive, bossy, and regularly insufferable. He had also saved my life a couple of times. And he looked really good in my kitchen.

— Kalayna Price

Uhm, let go of that bossy vine, Tarzan, this Jane don't swing that way. I said I'm not

— Inez Kelley

Answering to: "Is Emma W. really as bossy as Hermione?"- I'd tell you but she'd hurt me!

— Rupert Grint

Mom was bossy. Even in print I could hear her tone, smugly congratulating me on already earning the prince's affections and telling me firmly to keep up whatever I was doing.
Yeah, Mom, I'll just keep telling the prince that he has absolutely no shot with me and offend him as often as I can. Great plan.

— Kiera Cass

You are so bossy.

— E.L. James

Women have made tons of progress. But we still have a small percentage of the top jobs in any industry, in any nation in the world. I think that's partly because from a very young age, we encourage our boys to lead and we call our girls bossy.

— Sheryl Sandberg

Keeping a feminine approach is vital - men hate bossy females.

— Ida Lupino

I have this idea of myself as this quiet, observant, thoughtful child, which my parents roundly contradict. They claim that I was loud and bossy and dancing all the time.

— Carrie Coon

In fact, it works the other way: A government as big and bossy as this one is maintained on the backs of the middle class and those who hope to join it.

— Mitch Daniels

Go to a playground: Little girls get called 'bossy' all the time, a word that's almost never used for boys. And that leads directly to the problems women face in the workforce. When a man does a good job, everyone says, 'That's great.' When a woman does that same thing, she'll get feedback that says things like, 'Your results are good, but your peers just don't like you as much' or 'maybe you were a little aggressive.'

— Sheryl Sandberg

I am not bossy, I am the boss.

— Beyonce Knowles

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