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Quotes About Being Insulted

Being insulted offers you an opportunity to practice decency and having a non-response internally.
— Bryant McGill —

There may be times in your life when you may feel that it is a bit of a burden being a member of the [LDS] Church. Some folks will think you're not Christian, some may be insulted that you don't drink, and others will think you're trying to be better than them by not swearing. But I can affirm this: your fellow members of the Church will be a blessing to you that far more than compensates. They will bless you when you are sick, lift you up when you fall, help you raise a teenager, counsel you about a job, and yes, even move your unpacked junk. We are not perfect. As a matter of fact, in many things we are probably no better than anyone else. But we are remarkably good at reaching out our hands to one another in need. Decide to be one of those who does just that.

— Mitt Romney

Being insulted offers you an opportunity to practice decency and having a non-response internally.

— Bryant McGill

Just be yourself," Connor tells him. "I know you probably fail at written word, but in person, you usually ace being who you are."
"I'm going to ignore the part where you fucking insulted me."
Connor grins. "Why? Those are the best parts."
Ryke flips him off.

— Krista Ritchie

The American middle class always wants to be upper class and is scared to death of being lower class. It's a highly mobile group of people. They're not like the people that want to be shopkeepers forever, have always been shopkeepers and want always to be shopkeepers. These people mostly are insulted by being called middle class.

— Sloan Wilson

Being insulted by your child and loving them anyway is the human condition.

— Sarah Ruhl

The white working class likes being pandered to even less than it likes being insulted.

— Timothy Noah

There was a long pause while she hated everyone impartially: Tor for behaving like a farmer's son whose pet chicken has just been insulted; her father, for being so immovably kingly; and Perlith for being Perlith.

— Robin McKinley

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