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Quotes About Begets

Telling one lie begets another lie that begets another lie and before you know it that lie has grandkids, great grandkids and keeps growing. Its like Lays Potato Chips, you cant tell just one!
— Sanjo Jendayi —

Academics have spent too much time trying to explain objectification, considering that there's an easy way to make white, Western men understand: You just have to go out in public somewhere poor. You become a thing. Your conscious and unique self becomes irrelevant, as a thousand eyes try to figure out how to best tap your wealth. And objectification begets objectification. The harassers become an undifferentiated mass themselves, made up of identical things that torment.

— Elisabeth Eaves

They say that lightning never strikes in the same place twice, but the same is not true for courage. As it turns out, when courage strikes, it almost always begets more courage.

— Kathi Appelt

Corruption begets corruption." He heard the bitterness he felt very clearly in his voice. "That's what I hate about it most, the contagion of it. Men who could have been good become tainted, and the more of it there is the harder it is to survive without being touched by it. If you give people power, sooner or later they are tempted to abuse it. It takes a very strong man not to, a man wise enough to see its price, brave enough to go against the tide, and he can pay dearly for it." Narraway

— Anne Perry

The Ben Franklin effect shows that, while attitudes influence behavior, behavior can also shape attitudes. If we do a favor for someone, we come to believe we like that person. This liking leads back to another favor, and so on. A close variant of what is called the foot-in-the-door technique, or the strategy of making small requests before larger ones, the Ben Franklin effect tells us that one favor begets more favors and, over time, small favors beget larger ones.

— Meg Jay

Ideas can't die, not because they are conceived by humans, but because time begets them.

— Raheel Farooq

Work begets work.

— Brion James

Error of omission begets new rules.

— Toba Beta

Love begets courage, moderation creates abundance and humility generates power.

— B.K.S. Iyengar

I believe in trusting. Trust begets trust. Suspicion is foetid and only stinks. He who trusts has never yet lost in the world.

— Mahatma Gandhi

Behind every person who's committed an unimaginable crime is an adult who committed unimaginable violence against them as a child. All of them, as if it was plotted that way. Violence begets violence, and that violence begets even more violence.

— Gong Ji-young

Praise begets emulation,
a goodly seed to sow among youthful students.

— Horace Mann

The spirit of gratitude is always pleasant and satisfying because it carries with it a sense of helpfulness to others; it begets love and friendship, and engenders divine influence. Gratitude is said to be the memory of the heart.

— Dieter F. Uchtdorf

The sight of blood to crowds begets the thirst of more, As the first wine-cup leads to the long revel.

— Lord Byron

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