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Quotes About Bass

I picked up The Hunger Games thinking it was written at my regressed reading level. Ive spent hours reading it, and Im not even halfway through. Our bass player, whose name is also Nate, ended up reading all three novels and loved them.
— Nate Ruess —

I'm a bass player from way back and Paul is a guitar player and we've been in many bands.

— Adam Jones

I still don't really feel like a bass player.

— Kim Gordon

I love my music, so I want to produce, write, and serve my music. I've had to learn about EQ frequencies and programming and space and clutter and how to be a better piano or bass player - everything.

— FKA Twigs

Bill Withers and Curtis Mayfield, those are the people who informed me in playing the bass.

— Colin Greenwood

After playing with Rob Zombie, I was ready to go, 'OK, this is as far as I'm taking this bass-playing thing. This is the end of the road.' I was ready to kind of hang it up.

— Jason Newsted

Actually freestyle really comes from 'Planet Rock'. If you listen to all the freestyle records you'll hear that they are based on 'Planet Rock'. All the Miami Bass records are based upon Planet Rock.

— Afrika Bambaataa

I didn't know anything about music when I started a band. I barely knew how to play a guitar. I didn't know how to produce records. I learned how to play bass guitar and keyboards in Rilo Kiley. I picked up a lot from my collaborators.

— Jenny Lewis

Bass bands, flags, banners, parades, and monster demonstrations are no different in principle from ecclesiastical processions, cannonades, and fireworks to scare off demons. Only, the suggestive parade of State power engenders a collective feeling of security which, unlike religious demonstrations, give the individual no protection against his inner demonism. Hence he will cling all the more to the power of the State, i.e., to the mass, thus delivering himself up to it psychically as well as morally and putting the finishing touch to his social depotentiation. The State, like the Church, demands enthusiasm, self-sacrifice, and love, and if religion requires or presupposes the "fear of God," then the dictator State takes good care to provide the necessary terror.

— C.G. Jung

Besides, the bass isn't a difficult instrument to play. It's like one step up from the kazoo, isn't it?

— Dave Mustaine

Peacock bass like to hide at ambush points, away from the strong canal currents. If you fish early and know those peacock hangouts, you will have little or no trouble catching peacocks on lures and live bait.

— Mark Hall

I remember that the bass was turned up slightly more on the mix from last week, and I thought that was good - or whatever. Like, there were some little things in there that he said that he came to, like, really enjoy my opinion or at least, like, my little comments on the songs. So I was kind of destined to probably be a studio rat.

— Mark Ronson

I get so into playing the bass. The only time I ever feel the same way is when I'm having sex; it's the epitome of unifying with something.

— Melissa Auf Der Maur

The idea is: You played to 100 people this week in Europe, and then next week you can play to 200. It's an investment in that territory. But it can lose money because it's very expensive to go to Europe. You can't really just say, like, "Oh, we're gonna take our van and drive to California tomorrow." It's more like, "Oh, we have to fly to London and rent three guitar amps, a bass amp, drums; buy all these flights for four people; hire a driver."

— Zachary Cole Smith

I love when things bend out of shape. That's why I love drum and bass music.

— Kevin Shields

It infuriates me that stuff from the Internet routinely doesn't include all the credits. Because as soon as I listen to something, if I like it, I want to know, "Who's the bass player?" "Who did that?" "Who's the engineer on this?"

— Brian Eno

September twenty-second, Sir, the bough cracks with unpicked apples, and at dawn the small-mouth bass breaks water, gorged with spawn.

— Robert Lowell

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