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Quotes About Away From Home

Obviously, Im recognized on the street and I am away from home a lot more and, lets face it, I have an action figure of myself!
— Emma Watson —

How did you know about the pool?" I asked my mother. "Colt told Morrie, Morrie told Jack, Jack told me," Mom answered. Next time I ran away from home, I was going to a big city. The biggest. In China. Where not only were there billions of people, I didn't speak their language and they had good food.

— Kristen Ashley

Instinct tells me to go to Hannah's, but she doesn't live there anymore and that's when I realize the major difference between my mother and Hannah. My mother deserted me at the 7-Eleven, hundred of kilometers away from home.
Hannah, however, did the unforgivable.
She deserted me in our own backyard.

— Melina Marchetta

I have been a frequent air traveler since I was a few months shy of my sixth birthday, when my parents packed me off to boarding school two plane rides away from home. Those days of being willingly handed from air hostess to air hostess as an 'unaccompanied minor' made me blase about the rigors of air travel.

— Shashi Tharoor

At the age of 14, I ran away from home for four days and hitchhiked around western Pennsylvania and southern Ohio.

— Michael Dirda

This place is starting to feel like a home away from home," Rusty said, settling on the sofa. "We come here, we discuss evil sorcerers, we eat packets of peanuts. It's a soothing and familiar routine. Or it would be if people would just bring me some peanuts.

— Sarah Rees Brennan

I am away from home and must always write home, even if any home of mine has long since floated away into eternity.

— Franz Kafka

I can't drag myself away from 'Final Cut Pro.' It is a digital video editing system. I am obsessed with it, but I am always away from home, and I can't use it.

— Margaret Cho

It's hard being away from home. But other than that, performing is the highlight of my day.

— Martina Mcbride

Scoring three away from home - you can't do better than that.

— Ray Stubbs

While most girls run away from home to marry, I ran away to teach.

— Mary Church Terrell

Once you move away from home, it's never quite the same again. You expect everything to be just as you left it, and it never is. It's almost the first step into adulthood, realizing you've got to make your own way.

— Saoirse Ronan

We gotta figure out a way to pay our teachers more. They're like surrogate parents away from home. They have such a huge responsibility and they're underappreciated and underpaid.

— Justin Timberlake

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