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Quotes About Ares

The Council agrees," Zeus said. "Percy Jackson, you will have one gift from the gods." I hesitated. "Any gift?" Zeus nodded grimly. "I know what you will ask. The greatest gift of all. Yes, if you want it, it shall be yours. The gods have not bestowed this gift on a mortal hero in many centuries, but, Perseus Jackson-if you wish it-you shall be made a god. Immortal. Undying. You shall serve as your fathers lieutenant for all time." I stared at him, stunned. "Um ... a god?" Zeus rolled his eyes. "A dimwitted god, apparently. But yes. With the consensus of the entire Council, I can make you immortal. Then I will have to put up with you forever." "Hmm," Ares mused. "That means I can smash him to a pulp as often as I want, and hell just keep coming back for more. I like this idea.
— Rick Riordan —

If two people who love each other Ares soul mates, then there will always be a empty hole in my soul waiting for you..

— Trevor Lease

Raise high the roof beam, carpenters. Like Ares comes the bridegroom, taller far than a tall man.

— Sappho

Grilled satyr with mango chutney," Polyphemus mused. He looked back at Clarisse, still hanging over the pot of boiling water. "You a satyr too?"
"No, you overgrown pile of dung!" she yelled. "I'm a girl! The daughter of Ares!Now untie me so i can rip your arms off!"
"Rip my arms off," Polyphemus repeated.
"And stuff them down your throat!"
"You got spunk.

— Rick Riordan

Back when I was on my first assignment as a seeker, I was way out in Arizona. Brought in this kid named Clarisse."
"Sibling of yours," Hedge said. "Ares kid. Violent. Rude. Lots of potential.

— Rick Riordan

I must learn better than them, not simply beat them. That is how I will help Reds. I am a boy. I am foolish. But if I learn to become a leader, I can be more than an agent of the Sons of Ares. I can give my people a future. That is what Eo wanted. Deep

— Pierce Brown

Mars has long exerted a pull on the human imagination. The erratically moving red star in the sky was seen as sinister or violent by the ancients: The Greeks identified it with Ares, the god of war; the Babylonians named it after Nergal, god of the underworld. To the ancient Chinese, it was Ying-huo, the fire planet.

— John Updike

Eros is my sun, Ares is my fire, but Hephaestus is my rock, my foundation, and no matter where I go or what I do, I will always come back to him. I know that now.

— Aimee Carter

The much-hyped Ares 1-X was much ado about nothing.

— Buzz Aldrin

Save the taxpayer's money by canceling the Ares 1 and V.

— Buzz Aldrin

My temper is under control, he roared, and yep, that display surely convinced Ares.

— Larissa Ione

He called at once to his companion Patroclus, shouting for him from the ship. Hearing the call in his hut, Patroclus equal of Ares came out; and that was the beginning of his end.

— Homer

It means black kitten," I said with my pulse almost even again.
Ares studied me. "And you're ok with them calling you their black kitten?"
"They're wererats, Ares," I said.
He frowned at me.
"They're not calling me their little black rat. Think it through.

— Laurell K. Hamilton

I spoke with the crows before leaving for Los Angeles. They were the resident storytellers whose strident and insistent voices added the necessary dissonance for color. They had cousins in California, and gave me their names and addresses, told me to look them up. They warned me, too, what they had heard about attitude there. And they were right. Attitude was thick, hung from the would-be's and has-beens and think-they-ares, so thick that I figured it was the major source of the smog.

— Joy Harjo

Ares gives his verdict without witnesses.

— Aeschylus

Ares (The God of War) hates those who hesitate.

— Euripides

When profits are pursued by geographic interchange of goods, so that commerce for profit becomes the central mechanism of the system, we usually call it "commercial capitalism." In such a system goods are conveyed from ares where they are more common (and therefore cheaper) to areas where they are less common (and therefore less cheap). This process leads to regional specialization and to division of labor, both in agricultural production and in handicrafts.

— Carroll Quigley

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