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Quotes About Age And Looks

Its getting better generally, daily, especially in TV, for women in acting; and age and looks count less. As more women come into the business. Change of any sort takes a long time to happen.
— Julie Walters —

Love, commitment, it's not rational. It doesn't follow a set of rules. It doesn't care about race, gender, education, time, what's rational or irrational, age, it doesn't care about the natural, the supernatural, the normal or the paranormal. Love is just love and when you fall in love with someone, you don't let that go because it doesn't fit in with someone else's ideas about what love looks like. If you do, you don't deserve to have it in the first place.

— Vicktor Alexander

True love is so much more than sexual chemistry or attraction. True love is finding a mate who is as devoted to you as you are to them. Who will hold your hand through the good and the bad. Who will love you even though you've begun to age, started to wrinkle, when your looks are no longer what they once were.

— Brenna Aubrey

The people who live in a golden age usually go around complaining how yellow everything looks.

— Randall Jarrell

Being a childless woman of childbearing age, I am a walking target for people's concerned analysis. No one looks at a single man with a Labrador retriever and says, "Will you look at the way he throws the tennis ball to that dog? Now there's a guy who wants to have a son." A dog, after all, is man's best friend, a comrade, a pal. But give a dog to a woman and people will say she is sublimating. If she says that she, in fact, doesn't want children, they will nod understandingly and say, "You just wait." For the record, I do not speak to my dog in baby talk, nor when calling her do I say, "Come to Mama.

— Ann Patchett

Puberty was not kind to me. I had acne, eczema and had a stye in my eye, so it was quite hard to go in to somewhere where the majority were boys. At that age, they were quite vocal about what they thought of your looks.

— Sophie Wu

I grew up in the age of polyester. When I got to touch real silk, cotton and velvet, the feel of nonsynthetic fabrics blew me away. I know it's important how clothing looks, but it's equally important how it feels on your skin.

— Colleen Atwood

No woman should ever be quite accurate about her age. It looks so calculating.

— Oscar Wilde

Lo! in the orient when the gracious light Lifts up his burning head, each under eye Doth homage to his new-appearing sight, Serving with looks his sacred majesty; And having climb'd the steep-up heavenly hill, Resembling strong youth in his middle age, Yet mortal looks adore his beauty still, Attending on his golden pilgrimage:

— William Shakespeare

Nana Oosaki, about Shin: I wonder if he's really eighteen. He looks sixteen. I'm sure he lied about his age ...
Nana Komatsu: See! You were complaining but you still read the application!
Shin: The studio's free! Great! <3
Nana Komatsu, thinking: So cute!
Nana Oosaki: I hope he's not in primary school ... children today are advanced.

— Ai Yazawa

Love is not a matter of getting connected. It is a matter of seeing that we already ARE connected within an intricate web of relationships that extends throughout all life. It is a realization of 'no boundary'
that we are all made of the same stuff, riding through time on the same spaceship, faced with the same problems in the world, the same hopes and fears. It is a connection at the core, that makes irrelevant skin color, age, sex, looks or money.

— Anodea Judith

The trick is to age honestly and gracefully and make it look great, so that everyone looks forward to it.

— Emma Thompson

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