Quotes About Age 45

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Quotes About Age 45

Of the great singing stars of the 1940s and 50s, only one - Nat King Cole - died young, at age 45.
— Robert Gottlieb —

We seemed to share certain ideas about what happens in childhood, when you have to place yourself under the sign of your own name, your face, your voice, your outward reality. When you become a fixed position, a thing to others and to yourself. There were times, I told him, at the age of five, six, seven, when it was a shock to me that I was trapped in my own body. Suddenly I would feel locked into an identity, trapped inside myself, as if the container of my person were some kind of terrible mistake. My own voice and arms, my name, seemed wrong. As if I were a dispersed set of nodes that had been falsely organized into a form, and I was living in a nightmare, forced to see from out of this limited and unreal "me." I wasn't so sure I occupied one place, one person, and Sandro said this made sense, this instinct of a child, to question the artificial confines of personhood.

— Rachel Kushner

I probably wouldn't be a songwriter if I didn't grow up the way I did. It was difficult and it was at times very scary to grow up in a household so unsettled and at times very violent. But, it also, I guess it earned me a sort of wisdom at a young age that's served me well.

— Ray Lamontagne

It is difficult to get played at my age on the radio.

— Kenny Rogers

How age enamels us, she would say. It builds up in layers and locks us inside our own skin, stopping us from breaking out, preventing the outside from burrowing in.

— Rosie Thomas

By the age of 50, I would like to know that I'm not dead - that there's some continuity to my life.

— John Cassavetes

The fact that a child that age was allowed to go out looking for the four-legged serial killer that the king has dispatched his personal gun-bearer to track down speaks of an older, hands-off parenting style.

— Sarah Vowell

The 1960s was a heroic age in the history of the art of communication - the audacious movers and shakers of those times bear no resemblance to the cast of characters in 'Mad Men.'

— George Lois

You know, you get to a certain age, 45, 50, I don't know when it happens, I said, 'Jesus, all I got is a certain amount of time. Maybe I should think about using it a little better.'

— Brian Dennehy

Of the great singing stars of the 1940s and '50s, only one - Nat King Cole - died young, at age 45.

— Robert Gottlieb

When you get to be my age, all your friends have either died or moved to Florida.

— Helen Van Slyke

I started to really believe in myself, and my abilities, when I won the World Under-10 championship in Doral, Florida. I was nine and saw for the first time that I was amongst the best players in the world for my age. This was a massive confidence-builder for me.

— Rory McIlroy

Old age is like learning a new profession. And not one of your own choosing.

— Jacques Barzun

It is our duty, my young friends, to resist old age.

— Marcus Tullius Cicero

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