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Quotes About After The Storm

Maybe before a big storm rolls in, youll use it to catch fireflies (see, I did remember something, city mouse. But theyre still lightning bugs down here). And if you do, just remember, the storm doesnt last forever. It can scare you; it can shake you to your core. But it never lasts. The rain subsides, the thunder dies, and the winds calm to a soft whisper. And that moment after the storm clouds pass, when all is silent and still, you find peace. Quiet, gentle peace. Thats what I wish for you. Even if you couldnt find it with me.
— S.L. Jennings —

It really was a blessing after the storm.

— Diyar Harraz

Ain't no way I'm letting her out of this now. Not after that confession. It was as epic as the fucking storm and ten times as unexpected.

— C.M. Stunich

Ghosts have a way of misleading you; they can make your thoughts as heavy as branches after a storm.

— Rebecca Maizel

She is here, near my heart again!' he cried. 'Oh Lord, I thank Thee for all, for all, for Thy wrath and for Thy mercy! ... And for Thy sun which is shining upon us again after the storm! For all this minute I thank Thee! Oh, we may be insulted and humiliated, but we're together again, and now the proud and haughty who have insulted and humiliated us may triumph! Let them throw stones at us! Have no fear, Natasha ... We will go hand in hand and I will say to them, 'This is my darling, this is my beloved daughter, my innocent daughter whom you have insulted and humiliated, but whom I love and bless for ever and ever!

— Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Because after my first year I had a lot of success, took everybody by storm, came back the next year thought it was easy and didn't have near the season I had the previous year. It was kind of a wake-up call. And so, life goes on.

— Brett Favre

War seems to come out of nowhere, like rust that suddenly pops up on iron after a storm.

— Victor Davis Hanson

It was as if they'd discovered something that had once been there but had gotten hidden or misunderstood or forgotten over time, and they were charmed by it once more, and by one another. Which seems only right and expectable for married people. They caught a glimpse of the person they fell in love with, and who sustained life. For some, that vision must never dim - as is true of me. But it was odd that our parents should catch their glimpse, and have frustration, anxiety and worry pass away like clouds dispersing after a storm, refind their best selves, but for that glimpse to happen just before landing our family in ruin.

— Richard Ford

After the storm, many citizens left New Orleans to live elsewhere, but those who stayed were determined to rebuild. They loved their city.

— Howard Schultz

The storm had now definitely abated, and what thunder there was now grumbled over more distant hills, like a man saying 'And another thing ... ' twenty minutes after admitting he'd lost the argument.

— Douglas Adams

I have to get my life back on track. Order as an antidote to chaos. Calm after the storm.

— Susane Colasanti

After every storm, if you look hard enough, a rainbow appears.

— Mariah Carey

Saying goodbye to Nina is both bittersweet and beautiful. After six-plus years together, the entire cast and crew of The Vampire Diaries has reached a level of closeness that I don't think any of us ever expected. Nina is excited to spread her wings, get some rest, travel the world and also take it by storm, and we support her a thousand-fold. We will miss Nina and the four hundred characters she played, but we look forward to the insane and exciting challenge of continuing to tell stories of our Salvatore Brothers and our much-loved and gifted ensemble.

— Julie Plec

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