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Quotes About After All

What are we, after all, without our memories ... without our dreams?
— Nicholas. Sparks —

He went farther into the shadows to exchange his pants for the leather breeches. Too bad. When he emerged again, he looked pretty good even though it wasn't his style. And he was lucky there were no tights, after all. He tilted his head.
'You like it.'
'Shut up.' I blushed. I hated vampire extrasensory perception. It wasn't fair that he could hear my heartbeat or smell my skin or what ever.
'Girls are so weird.'
Kieran snorted. 'No kidding.'
'Please, you two were fighting ten minutes ago, and now you're the best of friends?' I said witheringly. 'Guys are weird.

— Alyxandra Harvey

And the voice of God was in the whirlwind after all, said Thor

— Orson Scott Card

His interest, after all, was not in the origin of species but in their demise.

— Elizabeth Kolbert

I would do what I did best, I thought. I would wait. It was only a matter of time, after all.

— Alice Sebold

After all this time searching, i finally found what i was looking for; me.

— Nikki Rowe

Some car had hit it after all, because it hadn't had the courage to honor its own correct instinct. And I began to cry because I had this thought about people, that they do this all the time, deny the wise voice inside them telling them the right thing to do because it is different. I remembered once seeing a tea party some little girls had set up outside, mismatched china, decorations of a plucked pansy blossom and a seashell and a shiny penny and a small circle of red berries and a fern, pressed wetly into the wooden table, the damp outline around it a beautiful bonus. They didn't consult the Martha Stewart guide for entertainment and gulp a martini before their guests arrived. They pulled ideas from their hearts and minds about the things that gave them pleasure, and they laid out an offering with loving intent. It was a small Garden of Eden, the occupants making something out of what they saw was theirs. Out of what they truly saw.

— Elizabeth Berg

Babette looked too good for the place tonight, but then goodness is only relative after all ("Steps Going Up" aka "Guillotine" aka "Men Must Die")

— Cornell Woolrich

After all, I'm already a murderer. No one really expects a murderer to stop killing.

— Holly Black

It's New Year's Eve, after all. The night for new beginnings.

— Jenny Han

Do I shock you? We are very playful here. It's a good tone for an operating theatre. It is a theatre, after all.

— David Cronenberg

The education of the doctor which goes on after he has his degree is, after all, the most important part of his education.

— John Shaw Billings

No one can take from us the joy of the first becoming aware of something, the so-called discovery. But if we also demand the honor, it can be utterly spoiled for us, for we are usually not the first. What does discovery mean, and who can say that he has discovered this or that? After all it's pure idiocy to brag about priority; for it's simply unconscious conceit, not to admit frankly that one is a plagiarist.

— Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

If there's a reason for the way that life is I'd like to find it. After all, who's life is it?

— Gordon Lightfoot

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