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Quotes About Admitting

Try refusing the arrangement, or later petition for divorce the first is impossible while the second is like admitting youre a whore.
— Euripides —

Sydney did not believe in life after death, but in her experience, admitting this could lead to long and complicated discussions in which people seemed to think that since she did not believe in God or the afterlife, there was nothing to stop her from becoming an ax murderer.

— Maureen F. McHugh

Much better now. And Sunny-there's no such thing as 'too much' when it comes to us. Too much mutual interest, or awareness, or desire, or too much damn love-there's no such thing."
"I love you beyond obsession," I murmur, terrified because it is too much.
"I love you to insanity," he replies, utterly solemn. "That's who I am, and that is who we are. I don't have any qualms about admitting it, and I don't have any regrets. Do you?

— Olivia Lynde

Admitting that you do not know something is the first step to learning.

— Terry Goodkind

Maybe that's the mark of a real leader. Admitting a mistake has been made and finding a way to stop it at all costs.

— Joelle Charbonneau

In distilled form, though, the explanations of both the right and the left have become mirror images of each other. They are stories of conspiracy, of America being hijacked by an evil cabal. Like all good conspiracy theories, both tales contain just enough truth to satisfy those predisposed to believe in them, without admitting any contradictions that might shake up those assumptions. Their purpose is not to persuade the other side but to keep their bases agitated and assured of the rightness of their respective causes - and lure just enough new adherents to beat the other side into submission.

— Barack Obama

There is a certain terror that goes along with saying "My life is up to me." It is scary to realize there's no magic, you can't just wait around, no one can really rescue you, and you have to do something. Not knowing what you want to do with your life-or not at least having some ideas about what to do next-is a defense against that terror. It is a resistance to admitting that the possibilities are not endless. It is a way of pretending that now doesn't matter. Being confused about choices is nothing more than hoping that maybe there is a way to get through life without taking charge. Rather than take charge,

— Meg Jay

Well, it's New Year's now but I don't feel that way anymore. I wonder if you do either. Something's happening to me. It's like I'm shrinking smaller and smaller and I can't stp it. There's just os much wrong that I can't imagine the shame in admitting even the tiniest part of it. When you left it was like there was this huge gap to fill, but instead of spreading wide enough to do it I just fell right in, and I'm still falling. Like I'm half-asleep, and I can't wake up, can't wake up ...

— Sarah Dessen

But the vicar of St. Botolph's had certainly escaped the slightest tincture of the Pharisee, and by dint of admitting to himself that he was too much as other men were, he had become remarkably unlike them in this - that he could excuse others for thinking slightly of him, and could judge impartially of their conduct even when it told against him. [from Middlemarch, a quote my mother thinks describes the kind of man my father was]

— George Eliot

Try refusing the arrangement, or later petition for divorce
the first is impossible while the second is like admitting you're a whore.

— Euripides

Admitting your weaknesses does not diminish your strengths: it shows your courage.

— Erin Andrews

I have come to accept that I'm a very spiritual person. However, it's interesting because part of me shies away from admitting that because I think that comes with assumptions. I think, when I was younger, I used to make judgments about people who were super spiritual. And I think it's a very personal subject.

— Erin Davie

A man can build a staunch reputation for honesty by admitting he was in error, especially when he gets caught at it.

— Robert Ruark

To see men admitting that you are what you believe yourself to be, is one of the triumphs of existence.

— Mary Catherwood

Think of admitting the details of a single case of the criminal court into our thoughts, to stalk profanely through their very sanctum sanctorum for an hour, ay, for many hours! to make a very barroom of the mind's inmost apartment, as if for so long the dust of the street had occupied us,
the very street itself, with all its travel, its bustle, and filth, had passed through our thoughts' shrine! Would it not be an intellectual and moral suicide?

— Henry David Thoreau

It is a curious thing how poets tend to become ascetics ... Even a debauch for them is a self-flagellation. They go on the loose in cruelty against themselves, admitting that they are pandering to, and despising, the lower self.

— D.H. Lawrence

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