Quotes About Actions And Consequences

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Quotes About Actions And Consequences

Actions have consequences, I have told you that. Why is that difficult for you to understand?
— Aleatha Romig —

But it is the actions of a moment that often have the most permanent of consequences.

— Kasey Michaels

I should have hoped to have trained him, my lady, to understand the rules of discretion."
"Trained! Train a barn-door fowl to be a pheasant, Mr. Horner! That would be the easier task. But you did right to speak of discretion rather than honour. Discretion looks to the consequences of actions-honour looks to the action itself, and is an instinct rather than a virtue. After all, it is possible you might have trained him to be discreet.

— Elizabeth Gaskell

We know that the Zanj (blacks) are the least intelligent and the least discerning of mankind, and the least capable of understanding the consequences of actions.

— Ibn Khaldun

What do you do when you don't know what to do about something?
I talk to Mr. Sugar and my friends. I make lists. I attempt to analyze the situation from the perspective of my "best self" - the one that's generous, reasonable, forgiving, loving, bighearted, and grateful. I think really hard about what I'll wish I did a year from now. I map out the consequences of the various actions I could take. I ask what my motivations are, what my desires are, what my fears are, what I have to lose, and what I have to gain. I move toward the light, even if it's a hard direction in which to move. I trust myself. I keep the faith. I mess up sometimes.

— Cheryl Strayed

Humans have yet to dwell upon the consequences of their
actions. People have yet to admit the bad that they do to
nature, for example. Actually, most people spend their time
finding fault in the action of others, rather than their own.

— Masaaki Hatsumi

The main thing history can teach us is that human actions have consequences, and that certain choices, once made, cannot be undone.

— Gerda Lerner

Actions must have consequences.

— Babatunde Fashola

When will rappers & skanks realize God's not the only one who gets to judge them on their actions? We do too. It's called CONSEQUENCES.

— Nils Parker

I'm trying to understand how do we tell lies to ourselves to justify what we've done and what are the consequences of those lies? But actually maybe I also recognize that in turning empathy into a practice for many years, by turning, by forcing myself to separate at some level the humanity of a human being from his or her actions and recognizing that sometimes, even the moral aspects of a human being can contribute to immoral behavior.

— Joshua Oppenheimer

Actions have consequences.

— Morton Blackwell

Our actions are our own; their consequences belong to Heaven.

— Francis Of Assisi

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