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Quotes About Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was asked by an aide about the church service he had attended. Lincoln responded that the minister was inspired, interesting, well-prepared, eloquent and the topic relevant. The aide said, "Then it was a good service?" Lincoln responded, "No." The aide protested, "But, Mr. President, you said that the minister was inspired, interesting, well-prepared, eloquent, and that the topic was relevant." "Yes," replied Lincoln, "but he didnt challenge us to do any great thing.
— Abraham Lincoln —

When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad, and that is my religion. - Abraham Lincoln

— Bruce Weinstein

If one doesn't have a character like Abraham Lincoln or Joan of Arc, a diet simply disintegrates into eating exactly what you want to eat, but with a bad conscience.

— Maria Augusta Von Trapp

Gentlemen. You are looking at the true Abraham Lincoln of Arabia. And in order to end our internal bickering - our civil war, if you will - I have solicited your aid.

— Leonard Leventon

If I have to be typecast, I'd like it to be as Abraham Lincoln.

— Sam Waterston

Abraham Lincoln was often criticized for trying to make friends with his enemies instead of trying to get rid of them. He replied, Isn't that what I'm doing when I make an enemy a friend?

— Sean Covey

What began as a bitter dispute over Union and States' Rights, ended as a struggle over the meaning of freedom in America. At Gettysburg in 1863, Abraham Lincoln said perhaps more than he knew. The war was about a new birth of freedom.

— Bruce Catton

I want my kids to know that they're just as good and just as American as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, or Dr. Martin Luther King. My worst fear is they will become ordinary.

— Rafe Esquith

I assume, gladly, that in the allocation to America of remarkable leaders like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln, the Lord was just as careful. After all, if you've got only one Abraham Lincoln, you'd better put him in that point in history when he's most needed-much as some of us might like to have him now.

— Neal A. Maxwell

Take advice, but not orders. Only give yourself orders. Abraham Lincoln once said, 'Since I will be no one's slave, I will be no one's master.'

— Jim Rohn

Steven Spielberg is going to release a biopic about Abraham Lincoln next year. Right, that's a good way to honor Lincoln – by sending people to the theater.

— Jimmy Fallon

I think we have reason to thank God for Abraham Lincoln.

— Lydia M. Child

Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill rode to glory on the back of the strong declarative sentence.

— William Zinsser

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