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Quotes About A World Without Music

I love what I do. I was given the most incredible gift that can be given to anyone. I could never imagine a world without music, and I feel grateful that Ive been given the ability to share that.
— Dionne Warwick —

The world is filled with people who are no longer needed-and who try to make slaves of all of us-and they have their music and we have ours. Theirs, the wasted songs of a superstitious nightmare-and without their musical and ideological miscar-riages to compare our Song of freedom to, we'd not have any opposite to compare music with-and like the drifting wind, hitting against no obstacle, we'd never knows its speed, its power.

— Woodie Gurthie

Every one of the world's "great" religions utterly trivializes the immensity and beauty of the cosmos. Books like the Bible and the Koran get almost every significant fact about us and our world wrong. Every scientific domain
from cosmology to psychology to economics
has superseded and surpassed the wisdom of Scripture.
Everything of value that people get from religion can be had more honestly, without presuming anything on insufficient evidence. The rest is self-deception, set to music.

— Sam Harris

Music, to me, is the most beautiful form, and I love film because film is very related to music. It moves by you in its own rhythm. It's not like reading a book or looking at a painting. It gives you its own time frame, like music, so they are very connected for me. But music to me is the biggest inspiration. When I get depressed, or anything, I go "think of all the music I haven't even heard yet!" So, it's the one thing. Imagine the world without music. Man, just hand me a gun, will you?

— Jim Jarmusch

Highlight reels are about that one person. After a barrage of highlight reels, you get the sense that you can do it without a team. But music thrived the most when groups were involved. People lose sight of that - that community makes the world run.

— Questlove

Music is the medium that has taken me around the world, and I would be lying if I said I could live without music.

— Brandon Boyd

And this pleasure, different from every other, had in the end created in him a need of her, which she alone, by her presence or by her letters, could assuage, almost as disinterested, almost as artistic, as perverse as another need which characterised this new period in Swann's life, where the sereness, the depression of the preceding years had been followed by a sort of spiritual superabundance, without his knowing to what he owed this unlooked-for enrichment of his life, any more than a person in delicate health who from a certain moment grows stronger, puts on flesh, and seems for a time to be on the road to a complete recovery: - this other need, which, too, developed in him independently of the visible, material world, was the need to listen to music and to learn to know it.

— Marcel Proust

You want a hero in the music world? James Brown. He brought a feeling to music without really using words. He's just famous for his sound.

— David Lee Roth

I can't imagine my world without music. It's the universal language; what I make comes from my heart. What I listen to from others stirs it.

— David Guetta

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