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Quotes About A Rabbit Hole

Intoxicated with her success and his awed eyes, and with the way the wind rushed by and flicked delicate strands of saliva across her cheeks, Will spread out her arms, spun in a pirouette. Shumba chose that moment to stumble over a rabbit hole and with a terrific crash, that sounded and resounded for miles and miles of flei, Will fell into the long grass.
— Katherine Rundell —

Things had gone from really weird to I-fell-down-the-rabbit-hole surreal.

— Jus Accardo

Mairi stared at Parlabane with an expression he had seen too often down the years: that look of distress at having discovered precisely how deep the rabbit hole goes, and what darkness lay at its end.

— Christopher Brookmyre

You, my dear, are getting curiouser and curiouser. Like Alice down the rabbit hole, nothing is as it appears.

— Teri Terry

I had wanted to live forever as a gypsy girl; I had wanted to live forever as a child, tumbling down a rabbit hole. I had been granted both wishes, only to find immortality was not what it had promised to be; instead of a passport to the future, it was a yoke that bound me to the past.

— Melanie Benjamin

The public debate plays out in an infinite regress of blame over who's responsible for those who fail to fit the standard erotic mold. This is variously ascribed to the people choosing to be the deviants they are, porn, the Devil (always a shoo-in), bad parents, poor role models, our sexually repressed culture, or the psychiatrists who keep needling sexual minorities by branding them mentally ill. It's a rabbit hole of endless (and usually endlessly bad) arguments. Morally, all that matters-and allow me to reiterate that because I feel it's quite important, all that matters-is whether a person's sexual deviancy is demonstrably harmful. If it's not, and we reject the person anyway, then we're not the good guys in this scenario; we're the bad guys.

— Jesse Bering

If you go too far down the rabbit-hole of what people think about you, it can change everything about who you are

— Taylor Swift

And then she was gone, disappearing into the nearby stacks like a rabbit taking to its hole, and he was left with a computer he didn't know how to use, words he could barely read, and the knowledge that he wasn't just a killer.
Most of the time, he was a pretty poor excuse for a person, too.

— Jennifer Lynn Barnes

It's like spending 6 months just trying to inhale. It's like forgetting how to move your muscles and reliving every nauseous moment in your life and struggling to get all the splinters out from underneath your skin. It's like that one time you woke up and tripped down a rabbit hole and a blond girl in a blue dress kept asking you for directions but you couldn't tell her, you had no idea, you kept trying to speak but your throat was full of rain clouds and it's like someone has taken the ocean and filled it with silence and dumped it all over this room.
It's like this.

— Tahereh Mafi

Forty years ago this country went down a rabbit hole in Vietnam and millions died. I fear we're going down a rabbit hole once again - and if people can stop and think and reflect on some of the ideas and issues in this movie, perhaps I've done some damn good here!

— Errol Morris

All too often, the rabbit hole is as deep as you have dug it.

— Gary Hopkins

Running. She was always running. Like a rabbit chased by coywolv. Always hunting for some new safe bolt hole, and every time, the soldier boys found her, and forced her to rabbit again. The doctor was wrong. There was no place to hide, and she'd never be safe as long as she remained close to the Drowned Cities.

— Paolo Bacigalupi

Down the Rabbit-Hole

— Lewis Carroll

Gerdi didn't really understand.Cammy liked being quiet.She liked bingo.She wouldn't mind living in a cozy little hole,like a rabbit.

— Jodi Lynn Anderson

It's much easier to become a hacker now. It was a private community before and you had to find your way in, like tumbling down a rabbit hole. Today, there are all-in-one desktops fully equipped with tools pre-built into the operating system, all related to hacking. They are all very powerful tools and free to download.

— Michael Demon Calce

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