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Psychedelic Quotes

Tito snored away on the other bed. Out there, all around them to the last fringes of occupancy, were Toobfreex at play in the video universe, the tropic isle, the Long Branch Saloon, the Starship Enterprise, Hawaiian crime fantasies, cute kids in make-believe living rooms with invisible audiences to laugh at everything they did, baseball highlights, Vietnam footage, helicopter gunships and firefights, and midnight jokes, and talking celebrities, and a slave girl in a bottle, and Arnold the pig, and here was Doc, on the natch, caught in a low-level bummer he couldnt find a way out of, about how the Psychedelic Sixties, this little parenthesis of light, might close after all, and all be lost, taken back into darkness ...
— Thomas Pynchon —

Use them with care, and use them with respect as to the transformations they can achieve, and you have an extraordinary research tool. Go banging about with a psychedelic drug for a Saturday night turn-on, and you can get into a really bad place, psychologically. Know what you're using, decide just why you're using it, and you can have a rich experience. They're not addictive, and they're certainly not escapist, either, but they're exceptionally valuable tools for understanding the human mind, and how it works.

— Alexander Shulgin

I'm into heavy duty, psychedelic, foreign music. That's what I like listening to.

— Action Bronson

As a songwriter, oddly enough, my influences were people like Bob Dylan, The Velvet Underground, and Buddy Holly. Some psychedelic stuff, too.

— Ric Ocasek

No, this is not a good town for psychedelic drugs. Reality itself is too twisted.

— Hunter S. Thompson

The notes sound like they're coming from inside your mind ... It was the closest thing to a psychedelic experience I've ever had.

— Robin Pecknold

My aura is psychedelic, flow non-prehistoric metamorphic boric like acid no hat tricks a classic so park that ass like Jurassic

— Bahamadia

I think really what unites psychedelic people is the faith in the power of the imagination.

— Terence McKenna

What I've observed, and I think it's fair to give credit to the psychedelic experience for this, what I've observed is that nature builds on previously established levels of complexity.

— Terence McKenna

What is revealed through the psychedelic experience, I think, is a higher dimensional perspective on reality. And I use 'higher dimensional' in the mathematical sense.

— Terence McKenna

My normal lectures deal with the psychedelic experience as a generalized and historical phenomenon, but this effort at communication is slightly more personal in that it's an effort to impart [just] one idea that came out of an involvement with psychedelic substances.

— Terence McKenna

The psychedelic experience is the beginning of the spiritual path. That's why it's not important that yogas' claim that they can deliver you the psychedelic experience, because it begins with the psychedelic experience, and then you go from there.

— Terence McKenna

I think that the whole thing, the crux of the whole psychedelic issue, is that it accentuates personal responsibility by making people take their own experiences seriously.

— Terence McKenna

So part of what being psychedelic means, I think, is relentlessly living with unanswered questions.

— Terence McKenna

Surrealism to me is reality. Psychedelic vision is reality to me and always was.

— John Lennon

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