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Prototype 2 Quotes

But was the prototype of human existence; it was the original pattern or the archetype on which our life here below had been modeled.
— Karen Armstrong —

And it isn't enough for us to identify with our selves, it is necessary to do so passionately, to the point of life and death. Because only in this way can we regard ourselves not merely as a variant of a human prototype but as a being with its own irreplaceable essence.

— Milan Kundera

I love taking an idea ... to a prototype and then to a product that millions of people use.

— Susan Wojcicki

But was the prototype of human existence; it was the original pattern or the archetype on which our life here below had been modeled.

— Karen Armstrong

Feature creep is an innocent process. An engineer looking at a prototype of a remote control might think to herself, Hey, there's some extra real estate here on the face of the control. And there's some extra capacity on the chip. Rather than let it go to waste, what if we give people the ability to toggle between the Julian and Gregorian calendars?

— Chip Heath

Prototype as if you are right. Listen as if you are wrong.

— Diego Rodriguez Telechea

A prototype is a question embodied

— Diego Rodriguez Telechea

I think there's a prototype we're all looking for, whether it's Brett Favre or Troy Aikman. And everyone's got that picture in their mind of the prototype at the position.

— Sean Payton

At MakerBot, we joke that if we were engineers we would still be on our first prototype. There's something about just 'Doing ititeration is a way of engineering.

— Bre Pettis

The mighty steam-engine has its germ in the simple boiler in which the peasant prepares his food. The huge ship is but the expansion of the floating leaf freighted with its cargo of atmospheric dust; and the flying balloon is but the infant's soap-bubble lightly laden and overgrown. But the Telescope, even in its most elementary form, embodies a novel and gigantic idea, without an analogue in nature, and without a prototype in experience

— John Timbs

[Robinson Crusoe] is the true prototype of the British colonist. The whole Anglo-Saxon spirit is in Crusoe: the manly independence, the unconscious cruelty, the persistence, the slow yet efficient intelligence, the sexual apathy, the calculating taciturnity.

— James Joyce

Prototype, then polish. Get it working before you optimize it

— Eric S. Raymond

EPCOT will be an experimental prototype community of tomorrow that will take its cue from the new ideas and new technologies that are now emerging from the creative centers of American industry. It will be a community of tomorrow that will never be completed, but will always be introducing and testing and demonstrating new materials and systems. And EPCOT will always be a showcase to the world for the ingenuity and imagination of American free enterprise.

— Walt Disney

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