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Predator Quotes

Nothing was a natural predator of productive fiction writing like the cell phone. Ditto the laptop. As she had well learned, the laptop could destroy a day.
— Elin Hilderbrand —

You're the predator right up until you're prey.

— James S.A. Corey

Ah, but when one predator leaves, another inevitably will take its place. A void never remains a void for long.

— A.T. Baron

There is a species for every predator ...

— Gabbo De La Parra

The PPA had a lot of predator-type shifters. Their natural aggression and hardiness made them excellent operatives few wanted to take on in a fight.

— Mina Carter

When desire meets desire, the stronger one survives. Fulfill your desires! The predator will eat the prey. Our world is a cruel and dirty place ... but that's what makes it so beautiful! Hell is the true paradise!

— Naoyuki Ochiai

I watch him, enthralled as slowly, like the predator he is, he stalks me in time to the slow sultry beat of the music. He's barefoot, wearing just an untucked white shirt, jeans, and a smoldering look.
Nina sings "You're mine" as Christian reaches me, his intention clear.

— E.L. James

A single raised eyebrow. "You've defected, sweetheart. No use worrying about the big, bad wolf now."
She was aware of Judd speaking, but her attention never shifted off the man who was a predator, for all that he wore human skin. When he peeled open and held out a bar of some kind, she took it, aware low energy levels could be dangerous when it came to her ability to keep a handle on the cold fire.
"Thank you."
A faint smile, a strange amusement in those icy eyes. "You're welcome."
It was the most polite interaction they'd ever had.

— Nalini Singh

When you are being hunted,
set your mind as the predator.

— Toba Beta

As she began rattling off a number of multi-syllabic Latin-derived medical terms, he had to rearrange himself in his leathers. Something about her getting all professional made him want to get all up in her. Probably had to do with the bonding thing-he wanted to mark this spectacular person as his, so the whole world knew they needed to back the fuck off. Jane was the only female who had ever gotten his attention and held it. And yeah, if he had to wax psychological on the situation, it was probably because her single-minded passion for her job, shit, her relentless commitment to excellence, made him feel a little like he was always chasing her just to keep up. On so many levels he was a typical predator: The chase was more electric than the capture and consumption. And with Jane, there was always something to pursue. "Hello? V?" When their eyes met, he frowned. "Sorry. Distracted.

— J.R. Ward

You think you are some fine predator? A swamp panther or coywolv?" He pretended to inspect her. "Where are your teeth and claws, girl?" He bared his teeth. "Where is your bite?

— Paolo Bacigalupi

Statistically, the odds that any given rape was committed by a serial offender are around 90 percent," Lisak said. "The research is clear on this. The foremost issue for police and prosecutors should be that you have a predator out there. By reporting this rape, the victim is giving you an opportunity to put this guy away. If you decline to pursue the case because the victim was drunk, or had a history of promiscuity, or whatever, the offender is almost certainly going to keep raping other women. We need cops and prosecutors who get it that 'nice guys' like Frank are serious criminals.

— Jon Krakauer

Nothing was a natural predator of productive fiction writing like the cell phone. Ditto the laptop. As she had well learned, the laptop could destroy a day.

— Elin Hilderbrand

We didn't have an indigenous Taliban before 2008. We didn't have a war in Swat before 2008, we didn't have a war in Waziristan. We never, in our 63-year history, we have never allowed unmanned Predator drones from ANY country to fly over our skies and kill our citizens.

— Fatima Bhutto

From the makers of Alien vs. Predator: Alien vs. Pingu. K9 - stop humping the toaster!

— Russell Howard

The way to reason with a predator is to make it aware that it can live in a cage, or it can die, but it can no longer prey upon us.

— Massad Ayoob

It's like there is this predator energy on this planet, and this predator energy feeds on the essence of the spirit.

— John Trudell

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