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Point Of Breaking Quotes

Any artist, in any field, wants to press deeper, to discover further. Image and sound play are among the strongest colors available to poetrys palette. For a long time, Ive wanted to invite in more strangeness, more freedom of imagination. Yet music, seeing, and meaning are also cohering disciplines. They can be stretched, and that is part of poetrys helium pleasure. But not to the point of breaking.
— Jane Hirshfield —

It doesn't sound very safe." - Colt
"We're breaking into a company owned by aliens who want to wipe humans off the map. It's not supposed to be safe." - Oz
"I guess you have a point." - Colt

— Jon S. Lewis

The only hero she had known was a Viking whose story she had read as a child; a Viking whose eyes never looked farther than the point of his sword, but there was no boundary for the point of his sword; a Viking who walked through life, breaking barriers and reaping victories, who walked through ruins while the sun made a crown over his head, but he walked, light and straight, without noticing its weight; a Viking who laughed at kings, who laughed at priests, who looked at heaven only when he bent for a drink over a mountain brook and there, over-shadowing the sky, he saw his own picture; a Viking who lived but for the joy and the wonder and the glory of the god that was himself.

— Ayn Rand

Nevertheless, the realization that breaking a pencil point would have far less disastrous consequences played little or no role, I believe, in this decision to explore theory!

— Rudolph A. Marcus

I'm a filmmaker, so I always think: When is the breaking point? Sometimes you've got to go beyond the breaking point, and then you catch it. When is long enough? It's one of those things you have to look at, walk away, and go home and find out what it is.

— Steven Rodney McQueen

Every painting has a weakness and a breaking point, where the essence of a painting lies. In my case it is never in the centre.

— Luc Tuymans

Make your breaking point your turning point.

— Dennis Kimbro

I was at ease in everything, to be sure, but at the same time satisfied with nothing. Each joy made me desire another. I went from festivity to festivity. On occasion I danced for nights on end, ever madder about people and life. At times, late on those nights when the dancing, the slight intoxication, my wild enthusiasm, everyone's violent unrestraint would fill me with a tired and overwhelmed rapture, it would seem to me-at the breaking point of fatigue and for a second's flash-that at last I understood the secret; I would rush forth anew. I ran on like that, always heaped with favors, never satiated, without knowing where to stop, until the day - until the evening rather when the music stopped and the lights went out.

— Albert Camus

Borderlines create the vicious circles they fear most. They become angry and drive the relationship to the breaking point, then switch to a posture of helplessness and contrition, beg for reconciliation. If both parties are equally enmeshed, chaos and conflict become the soul of the relationship.

— Theodore Millon

Ireland really is my problem; the breaking point of the huge suppuration which all British and all European society now is

— Russell Baker

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