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Please tell me your definition of ahimsa." "The avoidance of harm to any living creature in thought or deed." "Beautiful ideal! But the world will always ask: May one not kill a cobra to protect a child, or ones self?" "I could not kill a cobra without violating two of my vows — fearlessness, and non-killing. I would rather try inwardly to calm the snake by vibrations of love. I cannot possibly lower my standards to suit my circumstances.
— Paramahansa Yogananda —

Justin, please, you're annoying the nice man."
Justin blinked at the dumbstruck object of his attention as the breeze puffed a lock of shiny dark hair across the man's brow. "Nice man, please tell me your name so I know who to dream about tonight.

— Jet Mykles

I'm so tired of being alone," Heller whispered, voice broken. "So very tired of being on the outside looking in. Please ... "
I tightened my arms around him. Could Heller be asking for what I thought?
"What, Heller? Please what? What do you want?"
"You," Heller murmured. "I want you. Please tell me you don't hate me for what I did. Or how I acted in the beginning. Please give me a chance ... please don't leave me."
Squeezing my eyes closed, I fought not to let the tears escape, my heart threatening to break at the anguish I heard in Heller's voice.

— M.A. Church

Don't be sad. Even if the world won't forgive you, I'll forgive you.
Don't be sad. Even if you don't forgive the world, I'll forgive you.
So please tell me. How do I make you forgive me?

— Ryukishi07

My love ... you were insolent to a dragon? Please tell me that I misheard you just now.

— Aida Jacobs

Y'all probably watched a lot of television."
"We didn't have TV."
"Nintendo, then?"
He shook his head.
"Fantasy football? Xbox?" I frowned. "Please tell me you had Angry Birds."
"We had a library," he said, "and a few educational magazines."
"Huh. Well, that's just tragic.

— Cecily White

She bit the inside of her cheek. "You wouldn't keep secrets from me, would you? I mean we've been friends how long?"
"We have been friends, thirteen years, eight months, two weeks, four days," The wheelchair stopped and Ari watched the long shadow look at his watch. "Sixteen hours, four minutes and forty seven seconds and counting I'd say; give or take thirty minutes. Or if you want the short version: five thousand and four days plus or minus a few hours."
She put her hands to her face and laughed to keep from crying. "Please tell me you made half of that up. Who actually keeps track of time like that?

— Victoria Escobar

My God, are you even real?" she whispered. Holding her gaze, a sad smile lifted his mouth. "I think I am." "You make me feel like I'm in a dream," Emily confessed, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Like I'm sleepwalking and I don't even know it." ... "I'm able to close my eyes and just ... trust you. You're the color on my blank canvas, the light in my dark, the air in my lungs, and I almost let you go. I almost erased us from ever happening. I can't imagine not having you here with me. Please tell me you know how much I love you, Gavin. I need to hear it right now. Please.

— Gail McHugh

If you aren't please tell me how you are going to not have a war.

— Samantha Smith

The world's a scary place these days. Grandpa,, you've seen worse things, haven't you? Please tell me the world has always been like this.

— Juan Gabriel Vasquez

She paused turning back to me, "You cook too?"
"Please tell me it's like, only eggs or something"
"What? No, I can cook"
"Damn it, Levi, I like my men just under perfect, thank you!"
"Would you like me to burn one side of the toast?"
"You'd better" She glared and I kissed her lips quickly

— J.J. McAvoy

Forgive me. I thought you were protesting the blood because you didn't want me to bond you to me." "What?" This was something entirely new to consider. "You bonded me to you? As in for life? For all eternity?" "For as long as I live, anyway," Corbin said. "It was the only way to save your life. I had taken too much of your blood-you were dying, Addison." His tone took on a pleading tone. "Please tell me you would not rather be dead than bound to me." "I could ask you to say the same thing," I pointed out. "You were checking out on me without even telling me first." "I didn't think you cared." His deep voice was soft, almost wistful. "Well, I do. I love you, damn it," I said, poking him in the chest again.

— Evangeline Anderson

Hi mam I am Divya studying 2nd year English I am doing research about you so please tell me the relation of Anand in Conch series which compared to foreign culture

— Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Please tell me you are not trying to have a sex talk with me, Charlie. (Bella)

— Stephenie Meyer

Toby, if I say challenging him is futile, that you'll change nothing and only grant the omen you saw this morning power over you ... if I say you can save your life and your heart by walking away from this, will it matter?" Part of me
most of me
wanted to say, "Yes, it would matter; please tell me to stay here. If you tell me, I'll stay." I didn't want to go. I'm not a hero; I never have been. I just do what has to be done. But when you get right down to it, isn't that the definition of hero?

— Seanan McGuire

I was in the top ten percent of my law school class. I am a Doctor of Juris Prudence. I have an honorary Doctor of Laws. So, would somebody please tell me why I spent four mortal hours today conversing with a person named Dizzy Dean.

— Branch Rickey

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