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Please Knock Quotes

Prues attention stayed on their joined hands. "What does it feel like to be touched by a man, Rosie?" The madam grew serious. "Ive worked in a tavern for many years, honey. Its been a long time since I was young and innocent like you." "Please, Rosie," Prue begged. "Tell me what it was like before you came to work at the tavern. Were you ever with a man?" Rosie nodded. "I was, Prue." "What was it like?" Tears welled in the madams eyes, long ago memories returning to her. "It was the most wondrous pleasure you could ever imagine." Hearing a knock on the door, Rosie quickly wiped away her tears. "W-who is it?" -from Mistress of Purity
— Faye Hall —

A-la-la-la-la, fine, I get it," said Thorne, covering his ears. "Please, never say that word again."
Dr. Erland raised an eyebrow. "Cellular? Hematopoietic? Ganglion?"
"That last one." Thorne grimaced. "Bleh."
The doctor scowled. "Are you squeamish, Mr. Thorne?"
"Eye stuff weirds me out. As does any surgery regarding the pelvic bone. You can knock me out for that part, right?" He lay back on the exam table. "Do it fast.

— Marissa Meyer


— Jack London

How can you worry about pleasing people [critics] and what they're going to think? How can you do anything creative if the whole thing is motivated by trying to please somebody else? To me, the whole idea of what I thought art, or music, or anything creative was about pleasing yourself and hoping that whatever you're creating will reach someone else who'll see it on that level. To worry about someone picking it apart and discussing it element for element, and trying to knock you down or weaken it in any way doesn't amount to anything but a waste of paper.

— Elliot Easton

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