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I like guys who have a plan or a dream. A good sense of humor is also a must. I can be weird with my humor and say things that are random. You need to understand that Im really goofy and go with it.
— Edy Ganem —

I try to hold on to the things I believe to be good and true. Good things happen to good people. Karma is real. There is a larger, better plan for us all if we stay positive, keep pushing and get out of our own way.

— Rob Lowe

The local Cairo clergy offered to issue a fatwa recognizing Napoleon as the legitimate ruler of Egypt-provided the entire French army formally convert to Islam. Napoleon actually considered the offer, but when it became clear that the muftis' demand included mass adult circumcision and total abstinence from wine, the conversion plan was scrapped.

— Tom Reiss

The Forest Service is truly an extraordinary institution. A lot of people, seeing that word forest in the title, assume it has something to do with looking after trees. In fact, no-though that was the original plan.

— Bill Bryson

It never occurred to me that we would have as grandiose a program as the Marshall Plan, but I felt that we had to do something to save Europe from economic disaster which would encourage the Communist takeover.

— W. Averell Harriman

I want to be Gary Barlow and peak when I'm 40. That's my plan - he's who I'm modeling myself on. Most people are completely beautiful when they're young, and then there's always a point when they get older where they say: 'Oh, what happened?!'

— James Corden

You have to want it, you have to plan for it, you have to fit it into a busy day, you have to be mentally tough, you have to use others to help you. The hard part isn't getting your body in shape. The hard part is getting your mind in shape.

— Amby Burfoot

It is very important to have a correct socio-economic development forecast and plan, in which inflation being a vital investment factor should be the key indicator

— Tatyana Golikova

Even the best team, without a sound plan, can't score.

— Woody Hayes

" I was rather discouraged when I discovered that Paul and Hotch had no marketing survey, no business plan, no budget, no organized strategy for the introduction of the sauce. When asked about this lack of preparation, the haphazard nature of their business, Paul said, 'Me in this business is just part of life's great folly. Stay loose, men, keep 'em off balance.'"

— Paul Newman

Delays are as much a part of God plan as answered prayers. God wants you to trust him.

— Rick Warren

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