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The alarm rings 4:45, again at 5, but I wake up 4:30 naturally. Shower, shave, orange juice, perk my own coffee, hear the news, and the CBS car arrives 5:30.
— Charlie Rose —

I'm a nosy old woman, it's a perk of getting old. You can be annoying and people just call you eccentric.

— Lauren Dane

Deirdre Blomfield Brown Quotes: Feelings like disappointment
... feelings like disappointment, embarrassment, irritation, resentment, anger, jealousy, and fear, instead of being bad news, are actually very clear moments that teach us where it is that we're holding back. They teach us to perk up and lean in when we feel we'd rather collapse and back away. They're like messengers that show us, with terrifying clarity, exactly where we're stuck. This very moment is the perfect teacher, and, lucky for us, it's with us wherever we are.

— Deirdre Blomfield Brown

Linda Lael Miller Quotes: Im a sucker for punishment joslyn
I'm a sucker for punishment," Joslyn answered cheerfully. "There's something about him-" "Raw sexual magnetism, maybe?" Kendra prompted, beginning to perk up as the caffeine hit her bloodstream. "You noticed," Joslyn joked. "It's hard not to," Kendra replied. "I think God was showing off a little when He decided to throw Slade Barlow together." "Amen," agreed Joslyn.

— Linda Lael Miller

I think a free library is an outrageous perk. I think being able to take out 50 books at a time is an astounding luxury, especially if you've priced hardbound books anytime since the Clinton administration. Go into a public library, fill out the application, and here you go, we'll loan you $1,000 worth of materials. Collateral? Nah - just take them. You're good for it. We'd do it for anybody.
And we would.

— Don Borchert

Delta Airlines recently proposed giving frequent flyers a controversial perk: the option of paying $5 extra to speak to a customer service agent in the United States, rather than be routed to a call center in India. Public disapproval led Delta to abandon the idea.

— Michael J. Sandel

There's no perk in being closed-minded as a minority. It's never, ever, ever going to help you, ever.

— Baratunde R. Thurston

We have to learn to apply wisdom in every situation and not "spiritualize" every temptation. Sometimes we need to overcome temptation by prayer and receiving grace; other times we need to put on some cheery music, open the curtains, and make a pot of coffee. God has given us the blessing of food when we are hungry, Advil when we have a headache, and Starbucks when we need a serious perk-up. We should avail ourselves of these blessings with gratitude to God our Creator, and not think we are somehow being unspiritual if we look to His creation for help and comfort.

— Nancy Wilson

Yes!" I perk up. "Actually, I was wondering, do the mothers have lots of coffee mornings, parties, that kind of thing?" Erica shoots me an odd look. "I meant socialization of the children." "Right." I clear my throat. "The children. Of course.

— Sophie Kinsella

Armistead Maupin Quotes: It occurred to michael that this was the
It occurred to Michael that this was the great perk of being loved: someone to wait for you, someone to tell you that it will get easier up ahead. Even when it might not be true.

— Armistead Maupin

And don't trouble yourself too much if you don't laugh at what you are about to read, for if you perk up your pink little ear, you may hear the silvery tinkling of merriment in the air, far, far away ... It's us, buster. Ching!

— The Harvard Lampoon

As an HR Manager, you don't have to build a top-down perks program. You decide how much you want to invest in your employees, and then you give your employees the control to build a custom perk package for themselves.

— Paige Craig

The Quetzal Motel was a father/daughter operation, and they hurt for money but with just enough to stay in groceries. But who could tell? After tonight, their fortunes might perk up. It was better to look on the bright side. She took a deep breath and plunged back into Philip Nostrum's realm of futuristic

— Ed Lynskey

I enjoy doing new tunes. It gives me a little bit to perk up, to pay a little bit more attention.

— Earl Scruggs

Flirtation doesn't have to go somewhere; it certainly doesn't need to end up in bed. I like to think of it as a little friendlier than a handshake, a little less intimate than a kiss. It's a way of saying hi, you look great, have a wonderful day. A tasteful flirtation, played out people who understand the rules, leave everyone feeling good and can perk up the bluest mood.

— Karen Marie Moning

They have the kinds of things we can eat.' An unease crept up on Ifemelu. She was comfortable here, and she wished she were not. She wished, too, that she were not so interested in this new restaurant, did not perk up, imagining fresh green salads and steamed still-firm vegetables. She loved eating all the things she had missed while away, jollof rice cooked with a lot of oil, fried plantains, boiled yams, but she longed, also, for the other things she had become used to in America, even quinoa, Blaine's specialty, made with feta and tomatoes. This was what she hoped she had not become but feared that she had: a "they have the kinds of things we can eat" kind of person.

— Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I don't care about money or fame or anything like that, but it would be a perk.

— Lucas Grabeel

When you tell people you're a playwright, their eyes sort of glaze over. But when you say you write the 'Fantastic Four' or 'Spider-Man,' they perk up. It's a touchstone that has gained more credibility as artistic expression.

— Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

The problem with a beautiful woman is that she makes everyone around her feel hopelessly masculine, which if you're already male to begin with poses no particular problem. But if you're anyone else, your whole sexual identity gets dragged into the principal's office: "So what's this I hear about you prancing around, masquerading as a woman?" You are answerless. You are sitting on your hands. You are praying for your breasts to grow, your hair to perk up.

— Lorrie Moore

I go on stage with what God gave me - and that's a natural high. I don't need nothing to perk me up. The audience picks me up enough. That's the total God's truth.

— Barbara Lynn

Steve James Quotes: I love the idea of sharing some of what
I love the idea of sharing some of what we find in the research phase with a select community of people early on as a perk for their donating, and then gauging their feedback.

— Steve James

J.R. Ward Quotes: Butch i got sick and needed some time to
Butch, I got sick and needed some time to regroup. But I wanted to see you. That's why I asked you to come calling when I ran into you back in December. When you said no, I thought ... well, you'd lost interest."
She'd wanted to see him? Had she said that?
"Butch, I wanted to see you."
Yeah, she had. Twice.
Well, now ... didn't that perk a guy up.

— J.R. Ward

Charlie Rose Quotes: The alarm rings 4 45 again at 5 but i
The alarm rings 4:45, again at 5, but I wake up 4:30 naturally. Shower, shave, orange juice, perk my own coffee, hear the news, and the CBS car arrives 5:30.

— Charlie Rose

The first perk of theater is the girls.

— James Spader

Dave Davies Quotes: I was a big big fan of jimmy burton
I was a big, big fan of Jimmy Burton. Anything with him on, I used to perk up and listen to it over and over and over again.

— Dave Davies

It happens very rarely that your ears perk up about a certain project.

— Dominic Cooper

So, you told them you'd do it."
"I did. Do you think that's dumb?"
"I think it's dangerous," he said, turning me to face him. "I think you're crazy. But dangerous and crazy are two of the things I love most about you. So, no. Not dumb. Although I am disappointed that your condition for taking the job was reopening Hex Hall and not, I don't know, a Caribbean vacation with your boyfriend."
He lowered his head to kiss me, and Jenna cleared her throat. "Um, hello? Pretty sure vampire sidekick should get some kind of perk, too."
Archer nudged Jenna's shoulder. "Tell you what, when we get back from the Caribbean, she can take you to Transylvania or something. How does that sound?

— Rachel Hawkins

Jane Green Quotes: Amazing how spending some money
Amazing how spending some money, especially when you haven't got it, can perk you up.

— Jane Green

I want to go to Harry Potter Land! I actually should text Emma Watson to see if she can hook us up with a backstage pass or something. That's the perk of doing a movie with Emma called 'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower.'

— Nina Dobrev

James Woods Quotes: I was able to lean on people for favors
I was able to lean on people for favors and things to help out because their budget was so low. It was half of what John Travolta's perk package is on a film. Our whole budget was half of what his staff makes on a film.

— James Woods

Your heart-as you call it-and hers are alike, after all: they are like mine, like everyone's. They resemble nothing so much as those meters you will find on gas-pipes: they only perk up and start pumping when you drop coins in.

— Sarah Waters

John Green Quotes: Mmmm i said after the waiter left and
Mmmm, I said after the waiter left, and Augustus smiled crookedly as he stared down the canal while I stared up it. We had plenty to look at, so the silence didn't feel awkward really, but I wanted everything to be perfect. It was perfect, I guess, but it felt like someone had tried to stage the Amsterdam of my imagination, which made it hard to forget that this dinner, like the trip itself, was a cancer perk. I just wanted us to be talking and joking comfortably, like we were on the couch together back home, but some tension underlay everything.

— John Green

Jonathan Tropper Quotes: If theres a perk to having such a fucked
If there's a perk to having such a fucked up father, it's that he's in no position to judge.

— Jonathan Tropper

I don't mean being famous is a perk, because one knows that it's not necessarily a perk, but there are certain perks to being well-known and respected in one's field. Public perks. Like, I don't know, general friendliness and willingness to please, just to point out two.

— Emma Thompson

Horseradish is one of those perk-me-ups. You can use it in a cocktail sauce, you can bread fish with it - it loses its punch when cooked. It's a 'What is that?' flavor. It adds depth of flavor to things.

— Tom Douglas

I looked around. As flock leader, everyone was expecting me to make a decision. Jeb's presence here would bring uncertainty, chaos, probably danger.
It would perk up my day.

— James Patterson

Jo Nesbø Quotes: What a country of lazy shits with
What a country of lazy shits, with fucking hypocritical politicians claiming that people actually wanted to work if they could. Norwegians voted for the Socialist Party because it made it a human right to shirk their jobs, and who the hell wouldn't vote for a party that gave you three days off without a doctor's note, gave you carte blanche to sit at home and jerk off or go skiing or recover from a hangover? The Socialist Party knew, of course, what a perk this was, but still tried to appear responsible, preened themselves with their "trust in most people" and declared the right to malinger as some kind of social reform. The Progress Party was even more fucking infuriating, buying itself votes with tax cuts and hardly bothering to conceal the fact.

— Jo Nesbø

The first perk of theatre is the girls.

— James Spader

Wearing shorts is a huge perk. I think it's probably one of the reasons people become mailmen. You also get to drive in that vehicle that should be illegal in the United States, where the steering wheel is on the other side. They have no rules! They are the punk rock of government jobs.

— Jimmy Fallon

Sure I've got an awesome overdraft but as a perk I've got someone personally assigned to look after me. When you spend £45,000 on doing up your house you don't have to speak to someone in a call centre.

— Brian Robertson

Free haircuts are definitely a nice perk.

— C. J. Wilson

Steven Amsterdam Quotes: Ive always thought flight was fun and
I've always thought flight was fun and wanted to write about flight, and I knew a lot of househusbands who were having a really bad time with it. I thought flight might perk up a marriage here or there.

— Steven Amsterdam

I just saw Titanic, which is a $200 million film about a real-life disaster at sea, but according to Hollywood Logic, none of the actual passengers was interesting enough, so the writer-director had to invent a Romeo and Juliet-style fictional couple to heat up the catastrophe. This seems a tiny bit like giving Anne Frank a wacky best friend, to perk up that attic.

— Paul Rudnick

One key symptom of alcoholism is that the individual comes to need a drink for every mood-one to calm down, one to perk up, one to celebrate, one to deal with disappointment, and so on.

— Phyllis A. Balch

Perk, from the minute you got here ... I hated you before you got here ... But the moment you got here, man, you just changed my whole perception of you. Just one of the best teammates I ever had. I just thank you so much. The late night calls after tough games, you texting me, telling me I'm the MVP. That means a lot to me, man. Thank you.

— Kevin Durant

I dumped out the bag and found what had been inside was a bunched-up police uniform, complete with the vest. "Where did you get this?" Boo asked. "It's Callum's," he said. "What's he wearing?" "At the moment, not much of anything. Put it on." I noticed Book perk up a bit at this piece of information.

— Maureen Johnson

Elizabeth Taylor Quotes: Being able to go on location and see the
Being able to go on location and see the world was the greatest perk of all.

— Elizabeth Taylor

When my own writing needs a perk, I open Zukofsky and read from "A" - particularly sections "22" and "23." It can be opaque, but I love the intensity.

— Stephen Vincent Benet

The audience is invisible and that's good. Somewhere my voice is drifting through a swine barn and the sound of it seems to perk up the sows' appetite. Or a lady is listening on headphones as she jogs along a beach, running to my cadence. Or a dog sits in front of the radio, head cocked, and the sibilants excite him in some mysterious way. A dog's humorist, that's me.

— Garrison Keillor

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