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Perfection Is You Quotes

God didnt overlook your sins, lest he endorse them. He didnt punish you, lest he destroy you. He instead found a way to punish the sin and preserve the sinner. Jesus took your punishment, and God gave you credit for Jesus perfection.
— Max Lucado —

Be the hero, the example and the perfection that you are.

— Robert J. Braathe

Beauty is not the flawless perfection of youth, but the fine lines, scars, and wisdom which only living can give you.

— Reyna Pryde

Know how to choose. Most things in life depend on it. You need good taste and an upright judgement; intelligence and application are not enough. There is no perfection without discernment and selection.

— Baltasar Gracian Y Morales

You know one of the causes of modern despair is the fact that we have had proposed to us, from various quarters, an impossible perfection.

— Morris West

Two things that lived separately and yet together: a brook and the sky, the wind and the water that coursed through both their veins. You needed both to sail. You needed both in tandem to achieve perfection.

— Katy Regnery

A good designer has a lot in common with a good researcher. Both hunt for excellence and perfection. And you have to really focus on the details, and you don't really know what the final result will be before you have it.

— May-Britt Moser

When you hear Bach or Mozart, you hear perfection. Remember that Bach, Mozart and Beethoven were great improvisers. I can hear that in their music.

— Dave Brubeck

You prefer her faults to other people's perfection.

— Anne Brontë

A moment it the most you can ever expect from perfection

— Chuck Palahniuk

The closest you can get to perfection is constant improvement.

— Brendan Brazier

You would attain to the divine perfection.

— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

In ancient times, people said that imperfect moves to becoming perfect. Are these words vain? No! Truly, by gaining Unity you come to Perfection!

— Laozi

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