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Oz Season 6 Quotes

The season, the scene, the air, were all favourable to tenderness and sentiment.
— Jane Austen —

It is easy to criticize, particularly in a political season. But to lead is something altogether different. The leader must live in the real world of the price that might be paid for the goal that has been set.

— Norm Coleman

I swam at school a lot. Long-distance swimming in pools, and diving, then when we moved to Hastings when I was 13 I used to swim in the sea all the time; I loved it out of season and when it was rough.

— Jo Brand

Once the season starts for me, there isn't a change in my focus, just a change in my tactics and strategies.

— Bode Miller

The first season of a show is kind of like an extended pilot. You're only really on the map if it goes a second season.

— David Walton

I am deep in my willed habits. From the outside, I suppose I look like an unoccupied house with one unconvincing night-light left on. Any burglar could look through my curtains and conclude I am empty. But he would be mistaken. Under that one light unstirred by movement or shadows there is a man at work, and as long as I am at work I am not a candidate for Menlo Park, or that terminal facility they cynically call a convalescent hospital, or a pine box. My habits and the unchanging season sustain me. Evil is what questions and disrupts.

— Wallace Stegner

The primary metaphor for the Easter season is the church as the resurrected people living a resurrected spirituality. Because of Easter we are in union with Christ and are called to live in our baptismal identity in his resurrection. This essential theme of Easter cannot be communicated in a day. It takes a season.

— Robert E. Webber

Confidence is a big part of any sport, but as far as sports psycholgy, I met with one last year before the season, and hell I just felt stupid after that, so I try to stay out of there.

— Clint Bowyer

Her life-that was the only chance she had-the short season between two silences.

— Virginia Woolf

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