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Open Your Eyes Quotes

Open your eyes and then open your eyes again.
— Terry Pratchett —

Hagar sat in full anticipation of her son's death, and instead of looking to what God had given her, she surrendered to the fear. Is it possible that the well is right beside you but you haven't seen it because your head is hung in grief? Are you so focused on what you think is missing that you don't see what is present? Maybe you need to ask the Lord to illuminate what it is He wants you to see. It's possible that what you have seen as the end of the road is actually an opportunity to open your eyes and see something you haven't.

— Angie Smith

They say a man's inspiration is visual, but for a woman, it's the narrative.
Abandon both the narrative and the visual. Close your eyes, measure your breath.
Dead weight is sloughed off, dust swept away, forms dissolve into one atmosphere.
The rib cage opens, the lungs fill, the breast rises.
Waves sweep up the body on their swell, rocking it rhythmically.
Feet planted, the back arches, the pelvis reaches forward.
Oxygen kindles a flame, sprawling through the belly, and gathering in a warm blaze.
The hand reaches to meet the sensation.
Calligraphy spills from the inkwell.
Open your eyes, sharpen your focus, and exclaim:
There are no separations.

— Craig Thompson

Open your eyes to love
Open your mind for love
Open your heart and love

— Eugenie Laverne Mitchell

That is normal ... To be afraid. Do not let anyone tell you any different. No one can ever say that what you feel is right or wrong, or pointless or unworthy of your time. That is a truth for you to decide. Ignorance is bliss, but there comes a time when you must open your eyes and face the truth-when you must be honest with yourself.

— Kelseyleigh Reber

Open your eyes that you might see that all things are possible through you (with God's help)

— Robert A. Schuller

Once you open your eyes in the water, you become a flying creature ... How unlike a dead fish a live fish is.

— Maxine Hong Kingston

Sometimes we cannot see and don't want to see because we are blinded. We need eye salve to put on our eyes. We cry out for revival, and yet God says, "I want to open your eyes so you can see what is before you. Revival has a face and a name. It lies bleeding on the roadside." If we want to see revival, we need to begin with the one in front of us.

— Heidi Baker

Whenever people ask where I get my sick and twisted ideas from, I reply, 'Just open your eyes.'

— Mark Billingham

I invite you, citizens, to open your eyes and to give serious attention to the future. Reflect on the disasters which may ensue from longer obstinacy. Submit to lawful authority, if you wish to preserve the South untouched. Save your families and your property.

— Toussaint Louverture

Faith is blind, if you don't open your eyes to see the blessings.

— Charles F. Glassman

Say yes. Open your eyes, see that it's me, and say yes.

— Kelly Moran

Religion is not based on belief or faith: religion is based on awe, religion is based on wonder. Religion is based on the mysterious that is your surround. To feel it, to be aware of it, to see it, open your eyes and drop the dust of the ages. Clean your mirror! and see what beauty surrounds you, what tremendous grandeur goes on knocking at your doors. Why are you sitting with closed eyes? Why are you sitting with such long faces? Why can't you dance? and why can't you laugh?

— Rajneesh

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