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Old Time Wise Quotes

Char," I said, and asked for a third time: "Where did you learn to dance?" He looked up at me then, though his hand was still fiddling with dials. "I taught myself," he said finally. "I go out a lot." I nodded like I was very wise and knew all about going out a lot. "How old are you?" he asked me suddenly. "Sixteen." Char hung his headphones around his neck. "I like that." "What?" I felt self-conscious all of a sudden, and I crossed my arms across my chest. "That Im only sixteen?" He laughed. "That sounds creepy. No, I like that youre honest. Some girls might claim to be older, you know, so they seem more mature or whatever. Youre not pretending to be anything youre not." "I suck at pretending to be anything Im not," I told him, leaning against the booths railing. "Its not for lack of trying.
— Leila Sales —

They say a basis in fact underlies most legends. They say it all the time, all those Wise Elders in all those old horror films, the high priests, the scientists, the gypsy fortune tellers. On this single issue they agree unanimously.

— Robert Dunbar

The wise old fairy tales never were so silly as to say that the prince and the princess lived peacefully ever afterwards. The fairy tales said that the prince and princess lived happily ever afterwards; and so they did. They lived happily, although it is very likely that from time to time they threw the furniture at each other.

— G.K. Chesterton

There is an old and very wise Native American saying: Every time you point a finger in scorn-there are three remaining fingers pointing right back at you.

— Alyson Noel

This was a respect in which he paid due homage to the wise old spirit of the late Emiel Kroger, that romantically practical Teuton who used to murmur to Pablo, between sleeping and waking, a sort of incantation that went like his: Sometimes you will find it and other times you won't find it and the times you don't find it are the times when you have got to be careful. Those are the times when you have got to remember that other times you will find it, not this time but the next time, or the time after that, and then you've got to be able to go home without it, yes, those times are the times when you have got to be able to go home without it, go home alone without it ...

— Tennessee Williams

Compassionate the mountains rise
Dim with the wistful dimness of old eyes
That, having looked on life time out of mind,
Know that the simple gift of being kind
Is greater than all the wisdom of the wise.

— DuBose Heyward

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