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Off Balance Quotes

The real Tradition is this: the teacher never tells the disciple what he or she should do. They are merely travelling companions, sharing the same uncomfortable feeling of estrangement when confronted by ever-changing perceptions, broadening horizons, closing doors, rivers that sometimes seem to block their path and which, in fact, should never be crossed, but followed. There is only one difference between teacher and disciple: the former is slightly less afraid than the latter. Then, when they sit down at a table or in front of a fire to talk, the more experienced person might say: Why dont you do that? But he or she never says: Go there and youll arrive where I did, because every path and every destination are unique to the individual. The true teacher gives the disciple the courage to throw his or her world off balance, even though the disciple is afraid of things already encountered and more afraid still of what might be around the next corner.
— Paulo Coelho —

Traveling is a brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar comfort of home and friends.
You are constantly off balance. Nothing is yours except the essential things: air, sleep, dreams, sea, the sky - all things tending towards the eternal or what we imagine of it.

— Cesare Pavese

She gasped and jerked in her seat as a sudden hot, searing pain tore across the top of her right hipbone, the impact of the bullet throwing her off balance.

— Kaylea Cross

Besides, I was myself the one who spoke to me. I sat and stood at the same time, hushed and spoke and formed two persons from my own alone. It was, wasn't it, as if with the greatest levity and astonishing velocity thinkable one stood up from where one sat to stand speaking to the person one was a moment before and now no longer was, and yet remained that person still, because one is seeing oneself in imagination, which enriches life, which I employ as often as I want or can or may, which throws me off balance and always restores it, which is the continuous emotion for the sake of which I always and never go too far, which as today for instance, multiplies me or at least doubles me now and then, which is strange and is pleasurable and keeps me active and therefore rejuvenated and foolish, so that one can experience being pleasured alive, so that it won't be all too self-evident, and not too lonesome, either.

— Robert Walser

Kate," Lucern interrupted.
"What?" she asked warily.
"I do not need blood." He tugged her off balance and into his lap. "All I need is you.

— Lynsay Sands

Some companies use off-balance-sheet partnerships to raise money or to buy assets without ever telling their shareholders in their financial statements.

— Alex Berenson

Normal doesn't happen overnight when the world around and between you has always been off-balance.

— Lisa Wingate

When I interview celebrities, I always try to throw them off balance. My favorite is to ask 'em about crazy sex stuff like donkey punches and Monroe transfers. Works every time.

— Rachel Perry

When he tore his eyes from the piece of parchment, his gaze went straight to Sophie, a strange look on his face. He tossed the letter over his shoulder, strode across the room toward her, his eyes alight with triumph. He grabbed Sophie around the waist, tilted her backward, and kissed her passionately on the lips. Finding herself off balance, Sophie held onto his shoulders. Her heart soared at his sudden display of affection.

— Melanie Dickerson

Jesus thrown everything off balance.

— Flannery O'Connor

I want to keep audiences off balance, so they don't know who I am or how to take me. If I duck and weave, as Frank Bruno might say, I'll have a longer shelf life.

— Robert Carlyle

On average, it takes as much as $100 million in paid media for a brand to be a household name in America. Marketing partnerships are the best form of off-balance sheet financing one can ever find. Smart startups use this technique to scale their companies and build their brand equity.

— Jay Samit

Suspense was an excellent tool for keeping powerful people off balance. It gave one bargaining power.

— Robin Hobb

His helmet was stifling, it narrowed his vision. And he must see far. His shield was heavy. It threw him off balance. And his target is far away.

— Frank Miller

I do think there is a sort of natural balance in nature between men and women, and that it's being thrown off-balance by the social and economic inequities between men and women.

— Natalie Portman

If I add a negative element to the piece, you are not a villain necessarily but you bring a stronger, more negative aspect to the film, and if you don't do that, the film goes off balance where you can't worry about likability, you have to come in and play the part the best way that you can.

— Alec Baldwin

" I was rather discouraged when I discovered that Paul and Hotch had no marketing survey, no business plan, no budget, no organized strategy for the introduction of the sauce. When asked about this lack of preparation, the haphazard nature of their business, Paul said, 'Me in this business is just part of life's great folly. Stay loose, men, keep 'em off balance.'"

— Paul Newman

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