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Nunnery Quotes

Or perhaps we should just junk the whole idea of getting married in the first place. Im generally against anything where youre supposed to change your name. When else do you get named something else? On joining a nunnery, or becoming a porn star. As an ostensibly joyful celebration of love, thats bad company to be in.
— Caitlin Moran —

Did you become a Christian in your nunnery?' I asked her.
'Of course not.' she said scornfully.
'They didn't mind?'
'I gave them silver.'
'Then they didn't mind.' I said.
'I don't think any Dane is a real Christian.' she told me.
'Not even your brother?'
'We have many gods,' she said, 'and the Christian god is just another one. I'm sure that's what Guthred thinks. What's the Christian god's name? A nun did tell me, but I've forgotten.'
There you are, then. Odin, Thor and Jehovah. Does he have a wife?'
'Poor Jehovah.' she said.

— Bernard Cornwell

He stepped away from me to talk, and I leaned heavily against the wall beside his door. Clearly, I was not meant to have sex. This was God telling me that I was meant to be a nun. Get thee to a nunnery, and all that crap. I was so delirious I was confusing God and Shakespeare.

— Cora Carmack

Get thee to a nunnery.

— William Shakespeare

Yet there is no spring in Florida, neither in boskage perdu, nor on the nunnery beaches.

— Wallace Stevens

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