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Nothing Just Happens Quotes

I make the road. I draw the map. Nothing just happens to me ... Im the one happening.
— Denis Johnson —

Our worlds were both dark, and nothing would be normal, but together we would make our own world filled with light and love. This is what happens when soul mates finally join as one. The stars align, the heavens sing, and everything else fades away. You know you'll always have strength in your heart, and courage in your eyes. Our future wouldn't be normal, and would be different from the rest, but no less perfect.

— Angela Richardson

No. You can't. And I can't do anything either, about my life, to change it, make it better, make me feel better about it. Like it better, make it work. But I can stop it. Shut it down, turn it off like the radio when there's nothing on I want to listen to. It's all I really have that belongs to me and I'm going to say what happens to it. And it's going to stop. And I'm going to stop it. So. Let's just have a good time.

— Marsha Norman

Nothing in the Grimmerie on how to depose a tyrant - nothing useful ... Nothing there that described why men and women could turn out so horrible. Or so wonderful - if that ever happens anymore.

— Gregory Maguire

You're going to go through tough times - that's life. But I say, 'Nothing happens to you, it happens for you.' See the positive in negative events.

— Joel Osteen

The ear participates, and helps arrange marriages;
the eye has already made love with what it sees.
The eye knows pleasure, delights in the body's shape:
the ear hears words that talk about all this.
When hearing takes place, character areas change;
but when you see, inner areas change.
If all you know about fire is what you have heard
see if the fire will agree to cook you!
Certain energies come only when you burn.
If you long for belief, sit down in the fire!
When the ear receives subtly; it turns into an eye.
But if words do not reach the ear in the chest, nothing happens.

— Rumi

There is nothing happens to any person but what was in his power to go through with.

— Marcus Aurelius

My mistakes do happen on a grand scale and very public level. They're humiliating, embarrassing. But if nothing bad happens to you, you'll just continue to act ridiculous.

— Christian Slater

The longing for initiation is universal and for modern youth, it is a desperate need. When nothing is offered in the way of spiritual initiation to prove one's entry into the world of men and women, initiation happens instead in the road or the street, in cars at high speed, with drugs, with dangerous sex, with weapons. However troubling, this behavior is rooted in a fundamental truth; a need to grow.

— Jack Kornfield

Nothing that matters in this world happens unless leaders lead it.

— Bill Hybels

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