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Nothing Is Easy To Get Quotes

His sophomore Creative Writing class was as silent as a room full of teenagers could be, only whispering and shuffling a little as they tried to complete their papers. This wasnt one of the "easy A" electives, and he usually got the kids who were serious about the idea of being better writers. Half of them just wanted to get better so they could improve their Pacific Rim hurt/comfort fanfic, but there was nothing wrong with that. Besides, one of them had let slip that a good portion of the class was posting on Archive of Our Own, and hed spent a few nights with a beer in his hand, learning more about his students. He hadnt read the NC-17 pieces—there were professional limits—and yet he felt he respected them more as writers because hed seen what they were capable of when they werent being graded.
— Seanan McGuire —

Life becomes a habit. You get up, dress, eat, go tae work, clock in etcetera etcetera automatically, and think about nothing but the pay packet on Friday and the booze-up last Saturday. Life's easy when you're a robot.

— Alasdair Gray

Glitter family is my long-time favourite term for this: the people who those of us pushed to society's margins (and beyond) make our cohort. Glitter is known to be shiny and unruly, easy to get and hard to be rid of. I love the drag connotations and the femme visibility of it, as well as its unmistakably queer sensibility-look only as far as glitter-bombing for proof that nothing is as thoroughly and satisfyingly queer as glitter.

— S. Bear Bergman

Nothing is fair. Life is shit and it doesn't get any better. But there are things in life that will make it bearable; tolerable. There are things that will make all of the BS worth it. You've just gotta open yourself up to it. It's not always easy, and the scars will never go away ... but maybe, just maybe, you can learn to live with them.

— Crystal D. Budy

Here's one of the things I learned that morning: if you cross a line and nothing happens, the line loses meaning. It's like that old riddle about a tree falling in a forest, and whether it makes a sound if there's no one around to hear it.
You keep drawing a line farther and farther away, crossing it every time. That's how people end up stepping off the edge of the earth. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to bust out of orbit, to spin out to a place where no one can touch you. To lose yourself
to get lost.
Or maybe you wouldn't be surprised. Maybe some of you already know.
To those people, I can only say: I'm sorry.

— Lauren Oliver

Lady Amunsdale," Talia said, looking around the room.
Nothing. Ridiculous.
She tried again, louder, with melodrama. "Lady Amunsdale. Please grace us with your presence."
All quiet.
Jim buried his face in his hands, his bald head reddening. Talia felt bad for her mocking tone. The man was crazy, but also desperately in love.
"You're too nice," Adam observed. "It might take more of a command to get her to come out."
Talia rolled her eyes. A command - those came all too easy to Adam. This was the last time, and she was done.
She raised her voice. "Lady Amunsdale. Come here. Now."
A pause, then a distorted voice whined.

— Erin Kellison

Nothing good comes easily. You have to lose things you thought you loved, give up things you thought you needed. You have to get over yourself, beyond your past, out from under the weight of your future. The good stuff never comes when things are easy. It comes when things are all heavily weighted down like moving trucks. It comes just when you think it never will, like a shimmering Las Vegas rising up out of the dry desert, sparkling and humming with energy, a blessing that rose up out of a bone-dry, dusty curse.

— Shauna Niequist

If you don't suffer, you don't get anything. Nothing easy in life.

— Bikram Choudhury

Nothing worth having is ever easy. And you don't get things without fighting for them.

— Maya Banks

Lucky accidents seldom happen to writers who don't work. You will find that you may rewrite and rewrite a poem and it never seems quite right. Then a much better poem may come rather fast and you wonder why you bothered with all that work on the earlier poem. Actually, the hard work you do on one poem is put in on all poems. The hard work on the first poem is responsible for the sudden ease of the second. If you just sit around waiting for the easy ones, nothing will come. Get to work.

— Richard Hugo

Work hard but work smart. Always. Every day. Nothing is handed to you and nothing is easy. You're not owed anything ... No job or task is too small or beneath you. If you want to get ahead, volunteer to do the things no one else wants to do, and do it better. Be a sponge. Be open and learn.

— Bobbi Brown

Hip-hop to me right now is really easy listening. It's very easy listening, like there's nothing abrasive about it. There's no album that I put in my car that makes me roll down the windows - all the windows - and ride past the club line three times before I get out the car.

— Pusha T

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