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Not Liking Life Quotes

I was already at one remove before the Internet came along. I need another remove? Now I have to spend the time that Im not doing the thing theyre doing reading about them doing it? Streaming the clips of them doing it, commenting on how lucky they are to be doing all those things, liking and digging and bookmarking and posting and tweeting all those things, and feeling more disconnected than ever? Where does this idea of greater connection come from? Ive never in my life felt more disconnected. Its like how the rich get richer. The connected get more connected while the disconnected get more disconnected. No thanks man, I cant do it. The world was a sufficient trial, Betsy, before Facebook.
— Joshua Ferris —

With an unseen inner-smile, the beetle carried on its journey, rolling manure. It had decided that stones were not to its liking. It was happy in its life and its life, quite literally, was a lump of shit.

— Stephen Craig

And this is my life, getting dumped with no warning. Or liking people who don't like me back, or who don't like me enough, or not as much as they like someone else.

— E. Lockhart

It is not doing the thing we like to do, but liking the thing we have to do, that makes life blessed.

— Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

With no plan of escape in sight, I've been resigned to the life of a cosseted young lady of London society as Grandmama and I pay calls. We drink tea that is too weak and never hot enough for my liking. the ladies pass the time with gossip and hearsay. This is what they have in place of freedom - time and gossip. Their lives are small and careful. I do not wish to live this way. I should like to make my mark. To venture opinions that may not be polite or ever correct but are mine nonetheless. If I am to be hanged for anything, I should like to feel that I go to the fallows on my own strength.

— Libba Bray

We cannot escape the longing, no matter what life we choose. We're either longing for people, places or times gone by, which are essentially the same things: memories. And, whether or not we travel, the older we get, the more memories we collect. Nostalgia is simply the result of aging and liking the life you've lived. Be happy you can feel it-it's a good sign.

— Anthony Marais

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