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Nobody Really Knows Quotes

Nobody really knows who I am, where I came from, whats in my heart, why I believe in the things I believe, what I see behind the scenes and they dont see.
— Hope Solo —

There's always a lot of talk about motivation to race, but nobody really knows what I do or what I think apart from myself, so I don't really care what people think.

— Kimi Raikkonen

Are you kidding me?' Shan asked, slightly drunk, slightly dramatic, and now sitting yoga style on the floor. 'You can't write an honest novel about race in this country. If you write about how people are really affected by race, it'll be too obvious. Black writers who do literary fiction in this country, all three of them, not the ten thousand who write those bullshit ghetto books with the bright covers, have two choices: they can do precious or they can do pretentious. When you do neither, nobody knows what to do with you. So if you're going to write about race, you have to make sure it's so lyrical and subtle that the reader who doesn't read between the lines won't even know it's about race ... ' p.335

— Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Nobody knows what really happened in any historical period. There are some periods where we know more than others, though.

— Michael Hirst

Nobody really knows what makes a hit TV show.

— James MacArthur

Nobody really knows for sure who the Blue Blazer is, but like I said in my interview, there's a little bit of the Blue Blazer in each and every one of us.

— Owen Hart

Nobody really knows for sure how the Boxer Rebellion started. It began among the poor, and the history of the poor is rarely written down.

— Gene Luen Yang

Nobody really knows, but I got a little comedy in me.

— Nicole Ari Parker

Well, my boyfriend's from California so it's kind of a bit of California countryside but closer to home. It just takes a couple of hours to get there. I don't know, it's just very laid back, nobody knows who we are really. We've just got our friends there who are kind of outside Erasure and everything. It's just very nice

— Andy Bell

Nobody really knows what the Bourne shell's grammar is. Even examination of the source code is little help.

— Tom Duff

I don't think that any Icelandic filmmaker feels like he belongs to Icelandic filmmaking, because nobody really knows what it is.

— Dagur Kari

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