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Nobody Got Your Back Quotes

Son, Ima tell you something aint nobody else in the world can tell you: you got no soul. And Ima tell your future, too: you aint never gonna get a soul, you keep makin peoples shit small." Evans eyes started to roll back in his head and the big man shook him like dust mop until he came back to the room. "You aint shit, Evan, and you aint never gonna be shit until you show some passion for something. Yall got to love something. Yall got to hate something. Yall got to want something. Pissing on other peoples passion cause you trying to be cool just make you a coward—a little bitch.
— Christopher Moore —

Some of the more smug cyclists live in eternal hope that humanity will somehow realize the error of its ways and reject the automobile altogether ... This is not going to happen ... never in the history of the world has humanity forfeited an invention that makes our lives profoundly easier, as the car does. Nobody ever said, "This newsprint is making my fingers filthy. I'm going back to smoke signals." TV was supposed to rot your brain and ruin your eyes, but instead of going away it only got bigger and flatter, and we now have like four hundred channels instead of three. And airplanes are still the world's preferred mode of very-long-distance travel, even though terrorists still try to fly them into buildings and we now have to be dismantled into our component atoms, sifted through, and reassembled in order to board them. So if we have yet to jettison these abominations, why would people give up their cars either?

— BikeSnobNYC

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