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No Time For Love Games Quotes

I love Age of Empires and I play RTS games all the time, I respect what theyve accomplished.
— Sid Meier —

What is any of this to us? Time is endless and ours. Love and Death are only the games we play in it.

— Tanith Lee

I remember the first Mortal Kombat, when that came out, that was the hardest game of all time. There would be lines at the arcade around the block, and I still love all of the Mortal Kombat games.

— Diego Corrales

As others have recently suggested, the term 'gamer' is no longer useful as an identity because games are for everyone. These days, even my mom spends an inordinate amount of time gaming on her iPad. So I'll take a cue from my younger self and say I don't care about being a 'gamer,' but I sure do love video games.

— Anita Sarkeesian

I play video games a lot ... I love to read ... I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter, who are my most favorite people in the world.

— Lea Salonga

There are some people in the world that don't hug you all the time or play games but they still love you. They just don't know how to say it.

— Cecelia Ahern

I love preseason games. They are fun to me because you get to go out there with guys that are on the NFL field for the first time and playing against guys who are going to be on the field for the first time.

— Matt Flynn

Do not permit yourself to fall in love with the end-game play to the exclusion of entire games. It is well to have the whole story of how it happened; the complete play, not the denouement only. Do not embrace the rag-time and vaudeville of chess.

— Emanuel Lasker

Your first duty is to be humane. Love childhood. Look with friendly eyes on its games, its pleasures, its amiable dispositions. Which of you does not sometimes look back regretfully on the age when laughter was ever on the lips and the heart free of care? Why steal from the little innocents the enjoyment of a time that passes all too quickly?

— Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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