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No One Else To Blame Quotes

Some will and some wont, some do and some dont. If you wont and you dont, then you have no one else to blame. If you will and you do, the world will beat a path to your doorstep ...
— James A. Murphy —

If you are reading this Libellus, you are a Dreamer, whether you have recognized this or not. Being a Dreamer carries responsibility, one most people are not willing to accept. Responsibility implies that one cannot blame another person for their actions, effectively avoiding causality. However, this is futile and childish to consider. If you are a Dreamer, you are creating the Waking Dream around you. If your life is good, it is because you have made it so and if it is bad, it is because you have made it so. No one else is responsible for your life other than you.

— Michael Hibbard

There's no one else to blame. No Bores or Old Ladies or Norton or Assassins waiting at the bridge.

— Paul Zindel

We are each the authors of our own lives, Emma. We live in what we have created. There is no way to shift the blame and no one else to accept the accolades.

— Barbara Taylor Bradford

You can't blame anyone else, ... , no one but yourself. You have to make your own choices and live every agonizing day with the consequences of those choices.

— Max Brooks

It makes one a better person to have had hardships and to have overcome hardships and not to blame anybody else for your mistakes.

— Maureen Forrester

In love, no one can harm anyone else; we are each responsible for our own feelings and cannot blame someone else for what we feel.

— Paulo Coelho

Wrestling is a one-on-one experience and if something goes wrong you can't point a finger and blame somebody else. What you do is up to you. And yet it's a team sport, because whether your team wins or loses is a result of the cumulative effect of the matches. Wrestling is a great confidence builder because it's not all about strength. You have to use your balance and skill and technique and if you do, you can overcome a lot of muscle and bulk guys, and even those who have natural ability. Basically, you can out-technique an opponent.

— Dennis Hastert

I'm convinced that a lot of people simply don't know what's available out there and how it is possible to find a job and work your way up if you are willing to accept responsibility for your life. I know what it's like to be on the bottom. I've been broke. I've been fired seven times from jobs. And I don't even have a college degree. But I didn't blame anyone else for my problems. I knew that if I didn't try to solve them on my own or with the help of friends or family members, no one else was going to take care of me.

— Rush Limbaugh

I lost the match. I blame only myself for this. There were many opportunities to win. But I missed them, no one else.

— Anatoly Karpov

You are upset because one of your actors got on the wrong lane doing something with the wrong people. And you want to blame somebody else for it. And you got to dig up some poor-ass idiot that don't have the brain of a retarded spastican and make him a cult leader!

— Charles Manson

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