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No Need To Say Thank You Quotes

Together. The fact that one single word could send my heart aflutter was utterly ridiculous. I didnt fall for boys I hardly knew. At least, I hadnt until I met Glate. The night in the shack, things changed between us. The walls Id built up once the Sectors were formed? Glate had torn them down, and I knew that Lex could see that by the daggers he kept shooting our way. Was I in love with Glate? No, though I was sure Lex thought otherwise. Glate was the stability I sought in a world of discord; being with him made things easier to handle. I wasnt weak, but even I had my breaking point, and when I was ready to break, he was there to pick up all of the pieces. He was there, something I could never say for Lex. "Thank you," I said after a few moments of silence. "For everything." "Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on," he said. "Im more than willing to be that shoulder for you, Taylen. Im willing to be whatever you need me to be. Just know that.
— Nicole Sobon —

Whenever we read a line of the Bible, we must say, Lord Jesus, let me contact You in the divine Word. Lord, You are the living Word. Without You as the living Word I can receive nothing as life from the written Word. Lord, I must contact You. Although You are so mysterious, I praise You that You have given me such a tangible Word. This Word is solid, concrete, and substantial. I thank You for the Word that I can read and pray with. Yet, Lord, what I need is not the letter in black and white, but You, the living Spirit.

— Witness Lee

She glanced at the man quickly. "Thank you." She meant to say more, but something was caught in her throat. Her eyes stung. "Weep not, proud Diana," Maximus murmured. "The moon will not allow it." "No." She agreed, swiping fiercely at her cheeks. "There's no need for tears yet.

— Elizabeth Hoyt

Ron: Malfoy, you may be all chummy chummy with Harry, and you may have produced a relatively nice child, but you've said some very unfair things to and about my wife ...
Hermione: And your wife doesn't need you fighting her battles for her.
Ron: Fine. But if you say one thing about her or me ...
Draco: You'll do what, Weasley?
Hermione: He'll hug you. Because we're all on the same team, aren't we, Ron?
Ron: Fine. I, um, I think you've got really nice hair. Draco.
Hermione: Thank you, husband.

— J.K. Rowling

Look," said Whiskey Jack. "This is not a good country for gods. My people figured that out early on. There are creator spirits who found the earth or made it or shit it out, but you think about it: who's going to worship Coyote? He made love to Porcupine Woman and got his dick shot through with more needles than a pincushion. He'd argue with rocks and the rocks would win. "So, yeah, my people figured that maybe there's something at the back of it all, a creator, a great spirit, and so we say thank you to it, because it's always good to say thank you. But we never built churches. We didn't need to. The land was the church. The land was the religion. The land was older and wiser than the people who walked on it. It gave us salmon and corn and buffalo and passenger pigeons. It gave us wild rice and walleye. It gave us melon and squash and turkey. And we were the children of the land, just like the porcupine and the skunk and the blue jay.

— Neil Gaiman

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