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No Longer Needed Quotes

He no longer needed me to be his protector, but he still wanted me.
— Andrea Cremer —

The world is filled with people who are no longer needed-and who try to make slaves of all of us-and they have their music and we have ours. Theirs, the wasted songs of a superstitious nightmare-and without their musical and ideological miscar-riages to compare our Song of freedom to, we'd not have any opposite to compare music with-and like the drifting wind, hitting against no obstacle, we'd never knows its speed, its power.

— Woodie Gurthie

When I loved myself enough, I no longer needed things or people to make me feel safe.

— Kim McMillen

He no longer needed me to be his protector, but he still wanted me.

— Andrea Cremer

I'll be in position. Vadim left the building, struggling with the emotion, fuck, Dan kissing him like that hat shaken him, deeply. He'd needed that touch, that oath, that everything, but coudln't have responded any other way. Not in Russian, not in English. Couldn't have just held on to him for a moment longer. He wanted to hold him, fuck him, be fucked, he wanted to rest at Dan's shoulder after sex and think nothing but that they were both alive. Fuck the war, fuck the past, fuck the money.

— Aleksandr Voinov

Anticipation is no longer needed- because the moment is now.

— David Levithan

It never before happened that the rich ruling and more educated minority, which has the most influence on the masses, not only disbelieved the existing religion but was convinced that no religion is no longer needed.

— Leo Tolstoy

A clue to the building's original identity was painted on the eastern side of the building: MONMOUTH MANUFACTURING. But for all their research, neither Gansey nor Adam had been able to figure out precisely what Monmouth had manufactured. Something that had required twenty-five-foot ceilings and wide open spaces; something that had left moisture stains on the floor and gouges in the brick walls. Something that the world no longer needed.

— Maggie Stiefvater

In the presence of my muse, I no longer NEEDED to draw.

— Craig Thompson

These were specific enablements given to certain believers for the purpose of authenticating or confirming God's Word when it was proclaimed in the early church before the Scriptures were written. The temporary sign gifts included prophecy (revelatory prophecy7), miracles, healings, tongues, and interpretation of tongues. The sign gifts had a unique purpose: to give the apostles credentials, that is, to let the people know that these men all spoke the truth of God. Once the Word of God was inscripturated, the sign gifts were no longer needed and they ceased

— John F. MacArthur

I hear people everywhere saying that the trouble with our time is that we have no great leaders any more. If we look back we always had them. But to me it seems there is a very profound reason why there are no great leaders any more. It is because they are no longer needed. The message is clear. You no longer want to be led from the outside. Every man must be his own leader. He now knows enough not to follow other people. He must follow the light that's within himself, and through this light he will create a new community.

— Laurens Van Der Post

I was much more afraid in Montgomery when I had a gun in my house. When I decided that I couldn't keep a gun, I came face-to-face with the question of death and I dealt with it. From that point on, I no longer needed a gun nor have I been afraid. Had we become distracted by the question of my safety we would have lost the moral offensive and sunk to the level of our oppressors.

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

When I could have used a wife, I could not support one; and when I could support one, I no longer needed any

— Immanuel Kant

Human life, the person is no longer perceived as a primary value to be respected and protected, especially if poor or disabled, if not yet useful - such as the unborn child - or no longer needed - such as the elderly.

— Pope Francis

One day I noticed that I could go on working my art motif no matter what the weather might be. I no longer needed the sun, for I took my light everywhere with me.

— Georges Braque

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