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No Excuse For Lying Quotes

So, what made you decide to get a cat? Oh, you know. I nearly had a one-night stand with our professor, but ran away using my imaginary cat as an excuse, and now he might want us to be together together even though its the worst idea ever, but I kind of dont care either, because my body and probably my heart are telling me its the best idea ever. So now I need a cat so he wont realize I was lying about the cat because Im a virgin and chickened out of having sex with him.
— Cora Carmack —

Ut she didn't understand and couldn't accept using that unhappiness as an excuse or rationale for being unfaithful. why didn't people just end it? if they wanted someone else, or something else, why not break it off clean first instead of cheating, lying, tolerating, just existing?

— Nora Roberts

In order to protect our emotional wounds, and because of our fear of being hurt, humans create something very sophisticated in the mind: a big denial system. In that denial system we become the perfect liars. We lie so perfectly that we lie to ourselves and we even believe our own lies. We don't notice we are lying, and sometimes even when we know we are lying, we justify the lie and excuse the lie to protect ourselves from the pain of our wounds. The denial system is like a wall of fog in front of our eyes that blinds us from seeing the truth. We wear a social mask because it's too painful to see ourselves or to let others see us as we really are. And the denial system lets us pretend that everyone believes what we want them to believe about us. We put up these barriers for protection, to keep other people away,

— Miguel Ruiz

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