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No Balls Quotes

Theres a big Alzheimers benefit in a couple of weeks. A charity ball is right after that. We eat, we smile, we pose. No balls. None. Im sorry to hear that. Have you talked to a doctor?
— Susan Elizabeth Phillips —

The big rules of knife fighting are (a) do not try it at home, and (b) the whole point is never, ever use the blade. It is there to distract your opponent. While he stares at the gleaming steel, you kick his balls to kingdom come
he's all yours. Just a tip!

— Keith Richards

By the hairy balls of Jesus

— Hilary Mantel

I'll kill her, freak. (Pitala)
Then I'll kill you and laugh while I do it. Either way it's no real sweat off my balls. Release her and you can at least walk away alive. But that's not a standing offer. Make your mind up quick before I kill you just for getting me out on a night when I'd rather be at home doing needlework. (Nykyrian)

— Sherrilyn Kenyon

They turned to look at her and all three pairs of eyes narrowed, as if they could tell instantly that she had not been bred to attend high-society balls.
"Ignore them," Bill said. "There are snobs in every lifetime. In the end, they've got nothing on you."
Luce nodded,falling behind the trio, who passed through a set of mirrored doorways into the ballroom. The ultimate ballroom. The ballroom to end all ballrooms.
Luce couldn't help herself. She stopped in her tracks and whispered, "Wow.

— Lauren Kate

Hmmm," you muse out loud. Your voice is deep and carnal, a sound which sends new surges of desire rushing to my sex. "These balls are awfully dusty - if only I knew a little slut who was good at polishing balls ...

— Felicity Brandon

Hagrid!" said Harry loudly. "There's an owl -" "Pay him," Hagrid grunted into the sofa. "What?" "He wants payin' fer deliverin' the paper. Look in the pockets." Hagrid's coat seemed to be made of nothing but pockets - bunches of keys, slug pellets, balls of string, peppermint humbugs, teabags . . . finally, Harry pulled out a handful of strange-looking coins. "Give him five Knuts," said Hagrid sleepily. "Knuts?" "The little bronze ones." Harry counted out five little bronze coins, and the owl held out his leg so Harry could put the money into a small leather pouch tied to it. Then he flew off through

— J.K. Rowling

If everybody went to balls and did less drugs, itd be a fun world, wouldnt it?

— Dorian Corey

The unions need to be taken on. British Airways is massively over-staffed and has got to get its costs down ... The problem for [chief executive] Willie Walsh is that the board of BA has no spine, no balls and no vision.

— Michael O'Leary

Fence straddlers have no balls. In compensation, however, they enjoy a comfortable seat and can retreat swiftly, when danger threatens, to either side of the fence. There is something to be said for every position.

— Edward Abbey

It's as clear as the balls on a tall dog.

— Steven Tyler

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