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No Backing Out Quotes

Just out of curiosity, do they know Im here?" "Yep." My Mother did, anyway. Mention of a French tutor had effectively headed off any possibility of shopping. "I take it they trust you not to do anything inappropriate." I couldnt tell if he was being serious. I assumed not. "Absolutely. In fact,my mother would probably pay you to do something to make them trust me a little less." I took a look at his face. He looked a little stunned. "Oh,no. I didnt mean-" Or maybe I did. But Alex was backing away from me, hands raised. "okay." "Jetais stupide." He sat down heavily on the edge of my desk, narrowly missing the biscotti. "I wouldnt say that. But your use of the imperfect is improving." "Just what I always wanted," I said sadly, "to get better at imperfection.
— Melissa Jensen —

STOP!" Ironhorse bellowed as Puck immediately pulled out his dagger, shoving me behind
"Oh, I don't think so, Rusty," Puck sneered, as we began backing toward the
edge of the village. "I have a better idea. You stay there until we get to Oberon, who will rip
you apart and bury your pieces so far apart you'll never get put back together.

— Julie Kagawa

The word's out: I'm a woman, and I'm going to have trouble backing off on that. I am what I am. I'll go out and talk to people about what's happening to their families, and when I do that, I'm a mother. I'm a grandmother.

— Elizabeth Warren

I've been chastised for going into mixed martial arts and backing out. But the reason I backed out was the terms - they wanted me ready to fight in four weeks, but you've got to be out of your mind. So I decided to go back to my roots, back to wrestling.

— Kurt Angle

I was a bar-back, which is the person who cleans the bathrooms at the end of the night in the bar, and a cook. I had kind of given up. I was into backing other people up. Music was something I just did on the side and I don't think I had the energy to pimp myself out, like call people up and ask them to book me to play.

— Feist

Another angel has snuck up on me. His wings are golden and his face chiseled, but he looks at me with the cold eyes of a killer. Before I can figure out what to do, snowy wings blot out the angel. It's Raffe. And he has two of his Watchers backing him up.

— Susan Ee

I wrote, I think, half a dozen films that were completely out of genre. Comedies, love stories, even one serious film about Vietnam, and we couldn't get backing for any of it. And we both sort of drifted from making, at that time, serious money on Last House to going through it all in the course of almost three years and only getting offers to do something scary again.

— Wes Craven

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